Kit MB 450R2 + FF Universal
Kit MB 450R2 + FF Universal Build a 15mm lightweight (LWS) rig around your camera with Chrosziel's HD Universal Baseplate Kit. In addition to Chrosziel's HD Universal baseplate, this kit includes a dual-stage matte box and a follow focus with a flex-gear ring. While functional on its own, this rig can serve as a jumping-off point to mounting other optional accessories such as monitors, lens supports, handles, and shoulder mounts, to create your own custom rig that fits your workflow.Robust, and ready for production, Chrosziel's MB 450R2 Matte Box can complement a wide range of cameras, from smaller cinema cameras & camcorders or mirrorless cameras, up to larger cinema cameras and ENG camcorders with an outer lens diameter of up to 114mm (lenses with a diameter smaller than 110mm may require additional accessories for full compatibility). With the included top flag and 16:9 mask, glare from outside the frame can be effectively controlled for improved contrast and reduced ghosting in the recorded image. Further control can be achieved through separately available side and bottom flags.What's in the Box:  450-R2 MatteBox with french flag (450-11)Pivot-mech. for optional side-wings 2 rotating filterholders: 4x4 (402-12)+ multi 4x4/4x5.650 (410-04)Bracket for Ø15mm rodsEnd plate w. thread Ø114/110mm 450-20 Flexi-Insertring 110:75-98mm 401-450HD LightWeight Support HD Allround 206-05S DV StudioRig, follow focus 206-12 Gear drive DV Rig 0.8, Ø 36,8mm 206-30 FlexiGearRing Ø 60-120mm
Matte Box MB 415, 2 filter stage, 114mm, 15mm rod mount, complete
Zoomer the Universal Zoom Servo Drive
Zoomer the Universal Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel has expanded the successful CDM Zoom Servo Drive family. The Zoomer is a compact and universal zoom motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on a 15mm rod. The universal motor unit CDM-UNI-Z2 fits seamlessly into the operating functions of the Sony cameras of the FX9 / FX6 / FS7 / FS5 series. The servo drive is controlled via the zoom rocker on the handle. The motor control can be addressed via Sony's camera-specific protocol and also works independently of the camera signals when a digital LANC zoom rocker is plugged directly into the servo.Due to the included Chrosziel Flexi toothed ring (#206-30), the Zoomer can be used with almost any zoom lens even without standard cine gearing. The multi-function handgrip, which in addition to the recording function and a zoom rocker also provide control over the camera menu and other freely selectable functions, are extremely popular on current video cameras with large sensors and are indispensable for effective operation. The Chrosziel Universal Zoom Servo Drive now allows optimal use of all manual zoom lenses together with the multi-function handgrip. For this purpose, the Zoomer is slid onto a 15mm rod and swiveled onto the zoom lens. Two plug-in cables establish the connection with the camera. One cable is used for the power supply from the camera battery, the second for the connection to the control commands between the handle and the camera. When using a standard LANC zoom rocker or handle with the Sony PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7 and PXW-FS7II, the servo is connected between the handle and the camera via an input and an output jack to receive all zoom control signals. For setup with the Sony PXW-FX9 camera, a Y-cable is used that accepts the Sony multi-connector and connects to both the input jack of the Zoomer and the input jack of the camera. For the Sony ILME-FX6 camera, a Y-cable is used and connects the 3.5mm connector of the Sony handgrip, input jack of the Universal Zoom Servo Drive, and the Sony camera.  FEATURESUniversal zoom motor The Zoomer is a compact and universal zoom motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on a 15mm rod. Controlled via Sony and Digtial LANC handgrip The Sony FX6 / FX9 / FS5 / FS7 handgrip zoom rocker controls directly the servo drive unit. Other zoom rockers with digital LANC protocol are compatible too, e.g. mounted handgrip. Camera control signals forwarded Control commands are immediately looped through to the camera (e.g. menu / user buttons / focus magnification / camera run & stop). Panasonic DC-BS1H & DC-BGH1 box cameras A recent firmware updated has made the CDM-UNI-Z2 compatible with the Panasonic BS1H and BGH-1 box cinema cameras when used with a Manfrotto MVR901EPLA and MVR901ECLA control handles as well as the digital LANC Libec ZFC-L and ZC-LP zoom controllers. Technical dataPower supply 10-30V (Lemo compatible 0B 5-pin) 2.5mm socket (control command In) 3.5mm socket (control command In&Out)USB Type min A-B (firmware updates) Torque 0.5Nm Power consumption max. approx. 350mAh @ 12VIN THE BOX 1x CDM-UNI-Z2 Digital motor unit 1x LANC cable 1x LANC extension cable 1x MN-AB-A90 (power supply cable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap – angled 90° rotated 0B 5pin) 1x 206-30 Flexi Gear Ring (Ø 60-120mm) 1x Gear Drive, mod. 0.8 (Ø 40mm) 1x CAB-FX9 for Sony PXW-FX9 compatibility 1x CAB-FX6 for Sony PXW-FX6 compatibility USB Mini AdapterSign up for ZOOMER email updatesDon't miss future news about the ZOOMER and subscribe to the Zoomer Email list. Yes, keep me updated about the ZOOMER and send me future news about it.NOTE: we will not use your email for any other emails not related to the Zoomer. hbspt.forms.create({ region: "na1", portalId: "2769585", formId: "aae38178-6132-4e21-b6b4-bd9ac7e2828f" });