Zoom Servo Drives

Lens Control Systems


Zoom Servo Drive for Fujinon MK zoom lenses


Zoom Servo Drive for Zeiss Lightweight Zoom (LWZ.3) lens


Zoom Servo Drive for Fujinon XK zoom lens

Chroziel Zoom Servo Drive Family

Multiple prize winner

Zoom control in one single housing

The Zoom Servo Drives set instantaneously control commands that come from a SONY FS5 / FS7 camera or any other LANC-compatible zoom device.

The operator may choose from four different zoom modes: EB / Documentary, Live / Hardcut, Silent, and Direct Mode. To ensure liquid zooming with soft stopping the “Soft Ramping“ gently slows down the movement of the lens.

A wide variety of power cables with straight and angled plugs are available for all types of camera power out sockets and batteries including camera run / stop functionality.

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