Lens Testing Projector P-TP7II

The future-proof lens test projector. 


Easy and precise backfocus adjustment.

Sony PXW FX9 Accessories

The future-proof lens test projector. 

Canon EOS C70 Accessories 

With our Chrosziel accessories for the Canon EOS C70, 
 you can  find  the perfect setup for almost every use. 

Chrosziel - 

State of the art equipment

Chrosziel GmbH has developed and produced professional 
camera equipment since 1973. Our products support the 
professional camera operators in the production and ensure
reliable operation as well as robust technology.

 Chrosziel is synonymous with quality, precision and reliability. 
In-house design and development department. Long service 
life of our products.  In-house lens service and support. 
Worldwide sales & service network .




and be a part of our Chrosziel Universe

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What's Happening at Chrosziel


Chrosziel accessories for the Sony Burano camera

Chrosziel launches cutting-edge accessories catering the new Sony Burano camera for high-end documentary, run-and-gun production.

ROTA-Z 90° Optical Converter 
for 9:16 Shooting with conventional 16:9 cameras

ROTA-Z 90° Optical Converter 
for 9:16 Shooting with conventional 16:9 cameras

The Chaos Show, CVP 1st AC Event & Interbee Japan

Meet us online in our series of Webinars, visit the CVP 1st AC Event in London or stop by at our stand at Interbee, Japan.

Trade shows are back and so are we!

It's been a while… join us at our trade show marathon or book a Zoom meeting with us.

Michael - new International Sales Rep Americas

Welcome Michael Burnham joining the team remotely in the USA as International Sales Representative Americas in USA.

PERG Year-End Tech Roundup 2021 with Chrosziel

Chrosziel invites you to attend the PERG Year-End Technology Roundup, a series of short online presentations.