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Chrosziel accessories for the Sony Burano camera

Chrosziel launches cutting-edge accessories catering the new Sony Burano camera for high-end documentary, run-and-gun production.

ROTA-Z 90° Optical Converter 
for 9:16 Shooting with conventional 16:9 cameras

ROTA-Z 90° Optical Converter 
for 9:16 Shooting with conventional 16:9 cameras

The Chaos Show, CVP 1st AC Event & Interbee Japan

Meet us online in our series of Webinars, visit the CVP 1st AC Event in London or stop by at our stand at Interbee, Japan.

Trade shows are back and so are we!

It's been a while… join us at our trade show marathon or book a Zoom meeting with us.

Michael - new International Sales Rep Americas

Welcome Michael Burnham joining the team remotely in the USA as International Sales Representative Americas in USA.

PERG Year-End Tech Roundup 2021 with Chrosziel

Chrosziel invites you to attend the PERG Year-End Technology Roundup, a series of short online presentations.

New MagNum Firmware Update 02.08.03 available

New MagNum Firmware Update available!



New Products this Spring

Kit LWS +Top Plate + Handgrip Extender for Sony PXW-FX6
KIT - Lightweight support (LWS) for Sony FX 6 cameras.Lightweight supportFour positions are provided on the light support for the 3-point camera attachment, which allows the camera to be attached to the light support without distortion. This guarantees parallel alignment of the optical axis to the light support and the attached compendium. A specially hardened V-lock plate allows the light support to be used on the tripod with the standard Sony VCT-14/VCT-U14 adapter plate, the Chrosziel Quicklock plate or compatible adapter plates from other manufacturers in a stable two-point lock. The V-Lock plate under the light support can be easily exchanged by the user for the tripod adapter plate (401-FS7/5-03). This allows other adapter plates, such as the Sachtler plate, to be firmly screwed to the light support. The attachment points of common adapter plates are taken into account. Both the Chrosziel V-Lock plate and the tripod adapter plate have captive screws. The shoulder pad under the light support can be moved over a wide range. A lever clamp mechanism with external lever access allows the user to slide it on the shoulder. This allows him to quickly correct the balance of the camera during operation. The pad is tapered to fit the shoulder and has an elevation toward the neck for side protection. After fully opening the lever clamp, the pad can be removed and inserted rotated 180 degrees, so that one can equally use the light support on the left or right shoulder. The pad itself is manufactured using a new process from the automotive industry in a special mold with a molded core surrounded by an elastic material with a strong durable outer shell. This multi-layer construction results in high comfort and fatigue-free work. At the front of the light support, 15mm tubes are attached with one clamping lever each. On both sides of the light support there are Hirth rosettes (Arri compatible) for attaching handles or other accessories. The optional rear tube clamp can be screwed to the rear end of the light support. With additional 15mm tubes, battery adapter plates, video transmitters, video recorders or other accessories can be attached behind the camera in a variable and movable way. Alternatively, there are four screw points (1/4 and 3/8" with Arri anti-twist protection) at the top of the rear part of the light support for accessories. The Chrosziel light support of the FX6 is the optimal result of stability and weight due to a sophisticated design. It is manufactured in Germany. Top Plate FX6 The Chrosziel Top Plate FX6 is slid over the carrying handle from behind and attached to the camera with four screws. The plate offers multiple mounting options on the sides and top with ¼" and 3/8" holes for wide accessories. Sony's tape measure pin can be screwed into the Top Plate on the left or right side. There are also six mounting points on the plate for Sony's 4 cable clamps. The FX6 carrying handle can also be removed with the Top Plate screwed on, for example for gimbal use. Handle extension FX6 The FX6 camera's control handle connects directly to the camera body via the same Sony proprietary bayonet mount as the FS5, and can be adjusted in angle via a switch on the handle. The Chrosziel FX6 Handgrip Extension is extendable from 175 to 250mm and has the Sony bayonet mount at the lower end. The FX6 operating handle can be inserted directly into the Chrosziel handle extension. To connect the handle extension to the camera, an adapter piece with Hirth rosette is inserted into the camera-side bayonet connection. The Chrosziel handle extension also has a rosette at the upper end and can be screwed into the camera with the adapter piece. When using the FX6 light support, the handgrip extension can be attached directly to the rosette of the light support. This provides great flexibility in mounting options. The handgrip extension includes a 300mm extension cable with 3.5mm jack (4-pin) connection for signal routing between handgrip and camera. The adapter piece with Hirth rosette is also supplied as a single part and allows other accessories to be attached to the FX6 camera. In the BoxLightweight support (LWS) with V-Lock plate and tripod adapter plate 401-FS7/5-03 2 tubes Ø 15 mm, L. 205mm rear tube clamping Top Plate, Handle extension Hirth rosette with screws extension cable, L. 300 mm All parts of the LWS FX6 kit are also available separately.

Zoom-Motor Angenieux EZ1-2
CDM-EZ-Z2 - compact control-unit for Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 for controlling zoom. For usage with orig. Sony handgrip (PXW-FS5, PXW-FS7, PXW-FX9) or LANC zoom devices. Incl. 1x digital servo-motor-unit, 1x LANC cable, 1x LANC extension cable, 1x CAB-FX9 Sony Multi cable, 1 x MN-AB-A90 (powercable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap 0B 5pin angled), 1x Allen Key, 1x Mini-USBadapter.The Zoom Servo Drive 2 is a compact unit consisting of a digital motor and motor control. The Zoom Servo Drive 2 is firmly screwed to a manual cinema zoom lens and allows the zoom function of the popular large sensor cameras to be remotely controlled using the camera's multifunctional handle. This gives cameraman a larger selection of lenses with optimal operation. The Zoom Servo Drive 2 fits seamlessly into the operating functions of the Sony cameras FS7 / FS5 and FX9 / FX6 series. The Servo Drive 2 is controlled through the zoom rocker on the handle. The motor control can be addressed via the well-known LANC protocol and also works independently of the camera signals if a LANC zoom rocker is plugged directly into the servo.Internally, the Zoom Servo Drive 2 works with four different modes: documentary mode, silent mode, Live / hard cut mode and direct mode. All modes are optimized for fast or evenly slow focal length adjustment depending on the creative task. When the Servo Drive 2 is screwed to the lens, it calibrates itself to the zoom range of the lens the first time it is switched on and registers the end stops. Each zoom run is smoothly slowed down before the end stop is reached, so that it pleasantly changes into a steady state in the image. This means that the lens is not subjected to much mechanical stress. The power source of the servo is the camera battery. The servo is designed with 10-30V, suitable for use on many different camera models. Cables for the power supply are available for all existent plug connections. The Zoom Servo Drive 2 is available for each lens model for the following zoom lenses: Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm und Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm Fujinon MK 18-55mm and Fujinon MK 50-135mm Fujinon XK 20-120mm Zeiss LWZ.3 21-100mm