Chrosziel Lens Test Projektors Overview

Precise and comfortable lens test

Enhanced test options

Chrosziel camera and lens testing equipment is standard in the industry. The products offer intuitive handling, robust and reliable design, excellent price performance ratio as well as precise reproducibility in function and result.

With the lens test projectors TP7 and TPCXPL Chrosziel expands its portfolio of reliable test equipment.
The lens test projector TP7 comes with an interchangeable large universal mount and a 60 mm diameter LED light source. Two 3×3″ filter holders allow the use of color filters and to simulate a glass way insert. Two MultiPort connectors offer electronical data read out for meta data analysis (/i-Data, LDS).

Dedicated for ARRI™ Signature Prime lenses is the lens test projector P-TPCXL. It provides an ARRI lens mount plate instead of the interchangeable large universal mount. All other technical specifications are the same as at the TP7.

Lens Test Projector accessories at a glance

To cover a wide variety of testing options Chrosziel offers a huge number of accessories. According to the specific needs of lens service technicians and lens manufacturers the Chrosziel lens test projectors and collimators can be individually customized by suitable accessories.

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Lens Test Projector TP6
Lens Test Projector TP6 Lens Test Projector TP6 - basic unit incl.: Powercable, Measuring Plane Glass, Analogue Measuring Gauge, LED-light Source (approx. 5000K), Goose-neck Orientation Lamp, Remote Control, Intergrated Digital Motor for back-focus adjustment, intergrated Lens Support, 2 Rods Ø15mm, l. 205mm, Data sheet.INCREASED PRECISION AND PERFECT DESIGN With the Chrosziel LED Lens Testing Projector TP6, the flange focal distance of your camera lenses can be professionally checked. The projector also allows a visual check of a variety of parameters that make a statement on the quality of the checked optics. Our new projector combines new, ergonomic design with a variety of new features. The proved and tested functionality of the predecessor model has been taken into account in the development of the MK6 and rendered more precisely. A variety of mounts with glass way for SD and HD, as well as for the various photographic and film lenses are available. We are happy to produce according to customer requirements. The provided remote control allows you to stay close to the projector screen at an optimum viewing distance and focus the image. Compatible with all established Lens Control Systems. FEATURESNew comfortable, ergonomic design Optimal illumination by bright LED light with 5000 K color temperature Integrated rod clamp for Ø15 mm and Ø19 mm rods New rotary switch for adjusting the dia position 2-step regulator for adjusting the light source (low/high) Plane Glass, mounted in slide holder Eclair C-Mount as base mount for all other mounts (e.g. Arri, PL, Canon, Nikon…) Low voltage orientation lamp on goose neck with XLR plug Mains supply switchable 115 / 230 volt AC Adjustment range for measurement of the back focal length: ± 1.3mm Cable-connected Remote Control
Lens Testing Projector P-TP7II
Lens Testing Projector P-TP7II THE FUTURE-PROOF LENS TEST PROJECTOR P-TP7 II OPTIMIZED FOR LENS SERVICE Lens Testing Projector for lenses with diam. up to 60mm (ARRI XPL,Hawk, Panavision etc.) , PL, EF, E and other formats. Basic unit incl.: Powercable, LED-light source (approx.5000K) with Compound parabolic Concentrator (CPC), 2x MultiPort-Connector for data access, Goose-neck Orientation Lamp, filter insert 3x3 with filter holder, glas way insert, wired remote control with 10m cable, integrated Digital Motor for back-focus adjustment, analogue gauge, intergrated Lens Support for 19mm rods, manual. FEATURES Glass & Filter Insert 60mm LED Image Circle Multiport for Lens Data & Control Access to Centering Screws of Zooms Laser Rangefinder Manual & Remote Back Focus Interchangeable large universal mount   GLASS AND FILTER INSERT3×3 Glass Insert between Lens Mount and Reticle simulates the glass way (up to 5 mm thickness) of a specific camera. 3×3 Filter Insert between Light Engine and Reticle allows insert of color correction filters (up to 4.6 mm thickness). 60MM LED IMAGE CIRCLEThe LED light source illuminates evenly an image circle of 60 mm diameter to simulate camera sensors up to XPL / medium format! MULTIPORT DATA CONVERTER TO USBTwo Multiport Data Converter to USB connectors situated on both sides of the projector allow electronical lens data access (e.g. /i-Data). Compatible to ARRI lenses with LDS2 and latest lens firmware.MAXIMUM PRECISIONThe projector offers highest precision below 5ym plane parallelism between mount and reticle.  

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