Projetor & Collimator

Lens Testing Instruments–back focus, flange depth.

Chrosziel camera and lens testing equipment is industry standard. It is characterized by its intuitive handling, robust and reliable design, reasonable price performance ratio, and precise reproducibility in function and result.

Well-known are the Universal Cam Collimator (C-LTB MKII), the Auto Reflex Collimator, and the LED Lens Test Projector TP6. They are perfectly suited for precise measurement of the flange depth / back focus distance and visual check of quality parameters of the tested lens.

With the Lens Test Projectors TP7 and TPCXPL Chrosziel expands its family of proven lens test projectors. The P-TP7 with an interchangeable large universal quick release mount is dedicated for multi-purpose lens testing and comes with a 60 mm diameter LED light source. Its two 3×3” filter holders allow the use of color filters and to simulate a glass way insert. Two multiport connectors offer electronical data read out for e.g. /i-Data and LDS meta data analysis.

The P-TPCXPL with ARRI™ lens mount plate was designed for testing ARRI Signature Prime lenses. It inherits the use of ARRI Camera mount plates. Additionally, it offers all technical finesse like the Lens Test Projector P-TP7.

Large Format LED Lens Test Projector P-TP7II

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LED Lens Test Projector P-TP6

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CamCollimator C-LTBMK2-L

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Lens Mounts and accessories

Chrosziel offers a variety of optics formats with corresponding mounts. The advantage: the mounts fit the collimator and the projector! An investment that pays off twice. Useful accessories like laser pointer or (wireless) remote control complete the LTI devices making the work for the lens service technician more comfortable.