Lens Service and Support


Chrosziel Lens Service - Competence and reliability

Through our partnership with Lens manufacturers we can provide a quick service for your Cine or ENG lenses. We have countless replacement parts in storage and/or can procure these replacement parts quickly.
In most cases, the repairs or other services can be completed quickly. Before any services are rendered, we will naturally draft a detailed cost estimate for you.

We offer you the following services:

  • A basic examination of the lenses
  • General repairs
  • Measurement of the flange focal distance for the lenses
  • Repair of the servo unit and other electronic components
  • Replacement of glass elements
  • Full Service of the optics

Our servicing includes  the following brands:

  • Canon
  • Fujinon

If your lens manufacturer is not listed, ask us at service@chrosziel.com.

Official European Service Center for DZOFILM

With 48 years of knowledge and engineering in the field of cinematography, we offer now services for DZOFILM lenses costumers.
Working accordingly to the highest standards, all our serviced lenses run through a strict optical and mechanical check. 

Starting from single glass elements to the complete assembled lens, we offer relubing treatment up to manufacturers specifications, where we not only check the mechanics but also the optical parameters and cosmetic shape.
Measuring devices like our Lens Test Projector P-TP7II and Collimators make it possible to offer the highest  standards through our entire service line.  

We will repair and support you with the repairs of the Pictor Zoom optics, the Vespid Primes Series and Linglung Series.

Your Service and Lens Technicians

Manfred Wittl has managed the Lens Division at Chrosziel for decades. Customers from renowned companies confidently bring him their lenses to be serviced. We proudly count the following large broadcasting companies among our customers: The BR, the ZDF, the WDR, but also countless smaller production companies.

History of Chrosziel Lens Service

A few years after Chrosziel GmbH was founded, the business field was expanded by the lens service – repairs and maintenance of Canon and Fujinon optics. During the 1990s, Chrosziel GmbH was the partner of Ikegami for EB cameras as well as Angenieux’s sales and service partner. Our testing devices – which we specially developed and manufactured in-house at Chrosziel – are an invaluable aid to us when rendering these services. With our collimator, the flange focal distance of lenses can be reliably measured. With our testing projector and our self-developed testing slides, flaws in and deviations of optics can be visually identified. This work is supported through countless optics frames, e.g. 1/3”, 2/3” B4, 16 mm Aaton, Arri PL, LPL, Nikon F, Canon EF, RF and MFT as well as many more. All popular models are available in-house and can be utilised together with our collimator or projector.


Chrosziel Service and Repair