Lens Support & Adapter

Advanced flexibility!

401-49 Lens Support

The universal lens Support – fits Ø 15 and 19mm rods, from prime lens to heavy zoom lens – always the right solution!

  • With 3 support stands, intercombinable, lenght 14, 27 and 35mm
  • Combined with each other lenses with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
  • With QuickFit device for Ø15 LWS + 19 mm rods

401-10 Adapter

Fixed an adjustable Adapter from Ø 19mm rods to 15mm rods extended the flexibility. The adapter 401-10 is suitable for use the bridge plate with Ø 19mm rods (for StudioRig / Projector).

  • Clamps on Ø 19mm rods and holds devices with 15mm clamp