Lens Support & Adapter

Advanced flexibility!

401-49 Lens Support

The universal lens Support – fits Ø 15 and 19mm rods, from prime lens to heavy zoom lens – always the right solution!

  • With 3 support stands, intercombinable, lenght 14, 27 and 35mm
  • Combined with each other lenses with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
  • With QuickFit device for Ø15 LWS + 19 mm rods

401-10 Adapter

Fixed an adjustable Adapter from Ø 19mm rods to 15mm rods extended the flexibility. The adapter 401-10 is suitable for use the bridge plate with Ø 19mm rods (for StudioRig / Projector).

  • Clamps on Ø 19mm rods and holds devices with 15mm clamp

Mount Adapter E-to-PL with built-in electronics for lens meta data
Mount Adapter E-to-PL with built-in electronics for lens meta data The Chrosziel Meta Mount is a Sony E camera to PL lens “hot mount” adapter with metadata communication. Each mount has the required pin contacts necessary to transmit lens metadata through to the camera and conversely the contacts provide lens control through a 12-pin Hirose out connection to an ENG lens. When the Meta Mount is used with cine lenses with LDS or Cooke/i Data the metadata such as iris setting, focus distance and zoom focal length are transmitted through the adapter and appear in the viewfinder, on the monitor and are recorded in the video file for use in post processing. When the Meta Mount is used with an ENG servo motor-controlled broadcast lens the Focus/Iris/Zoom servo’s can be controlled through the camera and are compatible with the Sony FX9 / FX6 / FX3 hand grips, RCP or camera’s web GUI. This allows for easy and full control of an ENG broadcast lens through a Sony E mount camera. The Meta Mount is shimmable with the included shim set for the E-mount. The Chrosziel Meta Mount is available for pre-order through the Chrosziel dealer network and is expected to begin shipping in late September. Key Features: ·        Sony E Mount Camera to PL mount Lens ·        Electronic contacts for metadata communication and lens control ·        Lens metadata displayed in camera and recorded to file ·        Shimmable E Mount ·        Full focus/Iris/Zoom control on servo motor ENG lenses Technical data: - E Mount camera to PL mount lens - Contact and electronics for Metadata communication - 12-pin Hirose out for ENG lens control - 3/8th lens support socket - USB Type min A-B (for firmware updates only) - Power supply 10-16V (Lemo compatible 0B 5-pin) - Power consumption max. ca. 350mAh @ 12V - Part number MA-EPL-HR12 - EAN number: 4250618846934 In the box: - 1x Meta Mount E-to-PL adapter (MA-EPL-HR12) - 1x MN-AB (power supply cable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap – 0B 5-pin Lemo) - 1x F55-A2-P-CAM - 1x Shim Set, E-Mount side - 1x USB Mini Adapter Sign up for META MOUNT email updatesDon't miss future news about the META MOUNT and subscribe to the META MOUNT Email list. Yes, keep me updated about the META MOUNT and send me future news about it.NOTE: we will not use your email for any other emails not related to the Meta Mount. hbspt.forms.create({ region: "na1", portalId: "2769585", formId: "02eb0981-5a73-4918-a4f6-70a21049eafa" });