Precise and simple measuring of your camera.

Measuring at

From the compact CamCollimator with the optional second sliding plate up to the classical Autoreflex Collimator with eyepiece and Siemens star – Chrosziel has the right testing instrument for film, video and photography.
The Universal CamCollimator (C-LCC) is available since 2014 in a new compact version. Optionally it can come with a second sliding platform for checking cameras without conversions. The base unit comes with one platform which holds a lens or a camera. The autocollimator holder can slide, swivel and is mounted on a spindle drive for height adjustment to measure the back focal length on cameras and lenses. The set up (1000 mm only) is much more compact in structure then the previous optical bench, offers a significant reduction in weight, space needs and results in an optimal price/performance ratio. A LED illumination, colour selector for green and white, camera, LCD monitor and plane glass are included.

The classic

The classic Autoreflex Collimator (C-CTB-300) with eyepiece and Siemens star is recommended if there is a limited budget and measurements must only be taken occasionally. As using the same optical bench with height adjustability cameras can also be measured in addition to lenses.

1-Meter-Attachment for Chrosziel Collimator

Two-Meter-Attachment for Chrosziel Collimators.

Autoreflex Collimator LargeMount
Autoreflex Collimator - measuring the back focus of lenses and cameras, consisting of: * Test Lens (F=300mm, � 65mm) incl. Sideward Eyepiece and Siemens star reticle, * Illuminator (100-240V): 5 green LED, variable 2-5V * Steel Pipes (1m), hardened a. honed * Moveable Platform for camera or lenses, * Micrometer Block LARGE with Measuring Gauge, * Plane Glass

Beam Converter f. wide angle
Beam Converter 4x, D=45mmfor for Collimator Mark III. For testing wide angle lenses with 4-19mm focal length.

CamCollimator CLC complete
CamCollimator with large CLC-mount: Collimator with Lens and camera test bench, with parallax testing device Mark III 45S, mounted rotatable, side- and height adjustable, 110-250V, grinded steel columns - length 1m, LED light, fibre optic light guides, monitor arm, 7" LCD Monitor, sliding platform with the lens gauge block and digital micrometer with reading accuracy of 0,001mm, CCD camera, plane glass. (Option: C-LCC-P2 second sliding platform)

CamCollimator CLC, 2 platforms
Chrosziel CamCollimator with large CLC-Mount Collimator (same mount as TP7, TP7II, TPCXPL) Lens and camera test bench Parallax testing device Mark III 45S mounted rotatable, Side- and height adjustable, grinded steel columns, Length 1m 110-250V, LED light,Fibre optic light guides sliding platform with the lensGauge block and digital micrometer with reading accuracy of 0,001mm, CCD camera monitor and plane glass. incl. C-LCC-P2 second sliding platform - Training on the product free of charge in Chrosziel facilities -

Lens Support for Collimator
Lens support for grinded steel rails at Collimator