CamCollimator CLC complete

Product number: C-LCC-L

Available, delivery time: upon request

Product number: C-LCC-L
CamCollimator with large CLC-mount: Collimator with Lens and camera test bench, with parallax testing device Mark III 45S, mounted rotatable, side- and height adjustable, 110-250V, grinded steel columns - length 1m, LED light, fibre optic light guides, monitor arm, 7" LCD Monitor, sliding platform with the lens gauge block and digital micrometer with reading accuracy of 0,001mm, CCD camera, plane glass. (Option: C-LCC-P2 second sliding platform)

Other Collimators

CamCollimator CLC, 2 platforms
Chrosziel CamCollimator with large CLC-Mount Collimator (same mount as TP7, TP7II, TPCXPL) Lens and camera test bench Parallax testing device Mark III 45S mounted rotatable, Side- and height adjustable, grinded steel columns, Length 1m 110-250V, LED light,Fibre optic light guides sliding platform with the lensGauge block and digital micrometer with reading accuracy of 0,001mm, CCD camera monitor and plane glass. incl. C-LCC-P2 second sliding platform - Training on the product free of charge in Chrosziel facilities -