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Fast forward to today. Chrosziel innovates, designs and builds the very best professional camera equipment and lens testing instrument solutions in the marketplace. Our products are now being used around the clock and around the world by working professionals.


Tradition meet inovation
In 1973, the film technician, Alfred Chrosziel, founded the company which is now one of the global market leaders in the broadcast and production industry. Professional camera equipment, developed and produced by Chrosziel, is “Made in Germany – Made in Bavaria” and is perfect for applications in broadcast, cine, DSLR and lens testing.

The range includes precision mechanical, optical and electronic accessories such as, e.g. Matteboxes and sunshades, filter holders, fluid-zoom drives and follow focus units as well as remote control systems and test equipment for checking film and video lenses. All products meet the highest quality standards to the present day.

Customers include, on the one hand, the users themselves, such as, e.g. camera operators and on the other hand, large cinematic and television companies, production companies as well as numerous dealers in the industry.

In 2005, Alfred Chrosziel decided to seek a buyer who would continue his life’s work, Filmtechnik Chrosziel GmbH, as an independent company. In early 2006, the company was finally sold to Harm Abrahams and Jürgen Nussbaum.

In March 2020 the management changed again. Timm Stemann followed Harm Abrahams as CEO. Harm will stay connected as external consultant.


Chrosziel and Denz have always had a lot in common. Both companies were founded in the early 1970s. Both founders not only gave their companies names, but were real "heads of character". Both companies helped shape the world of film technology from their Munich base with their innovative and high-quality products. And both companies were eventually passed on to new hands by their founders. And so it is only logical that since the end of April both companies have been united under one roof. The aim is to combine the concentrated development competence and to expand the precision manufacturing of the products "Made in Germany" even further. To appear together on the market and to bring new developments to series maturity even faster. To give the talents in their ranks a larger home and to further shape the world of film technology.


Chrosziel products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide. Key markets are Central Europe, USA as well as Japan, Korea and China. Distribution is essentially via selective distributors, directly in the project business.

Now, the company remains one of the leading manufacturers of fine mechanical, optical and electronic products in the industry. Our products support the professional camera operators in the production and ensure reliable operation as well as robust technology. We are the market leader in the industry with many of our products.

  • Chrosziel is synonymous with quality, precision and reliability
  • In-house design and development department.
  •  Our customers’ wishes are integrated into our product development Long service life of our products
  • Outstanding expertise and consulting regarding our products and the compatibility with your existing equipment
  • In-house lens service
  • Worldwide sales & service network
  • Made in Germany – Made in Bavaria

The term ‘Made in Germany’ is respected and esteemed worldwide. Quality, precision and reliability are the attributes that are associated with Chrosziel products. It is a matter of course for us to develop and produce our products in Bavaria.

We will be happy to explain other reasons why you should opt for Chrosziel in a personal meeting! Contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

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