CamCollimator CLC, 2 platforms

Product number: C-LTBMK2-L

Product number: C-LTBMK2-L
Chrosziel CamCollimator

  •  with large CLC-Mount Collimator (same mount as TP7, TP7II, TPCXPL)
  •  Lens and camera test bench
  •  Parallax testing device Mark III 45S mounted rotatable, 
  • Side- and height adjustable, grinded steel columns, Length 1m
  •  110-250V, LED light,
  • Fibre optic light guides
  •  sliding platform with the lens
  • Gauge block and digital micrometer with reading accuracy of 0,001mm, 
  • CCD camera 
  • monitor and plane glass. incl. C-LCC-P2 second sliding platform
 - Training on the product free of charge in Chrosziel facilities -


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