New MagNum Firmware Update 02.08.03 available

New MagNum Firmware Update available!

New MagNum Firmware Update

Features of the new firmware 02.08.03 include:

  • Warning Message for Low Camera Voltage (adjustable)
  • Focus scale calibration (matching one scale to several hand units)
  • Support for the Smartranger 2 distance reader incl. autofocus
  • Minor bugfixes

Enjoy convenient features with the new firmware and continue to rely on the MagNum wireless FIZ as your workhorse on set.

Warning Message for Low Camera Voltage

Never loose a shot again due to power failure of your camera. The MagNum hand unit shows you on the start display the input voltage of the MagNum receiver. New added feature is the warning message on the display in case the voltage drops below a specific value. The value can be set conveniently within the Display Options of the hand unit Menu.

Focus scale calibration

Premarked focus rings are very convenient for shooting fast and switching lenses from camera A to camera B. However for maximum precision you need to make sure the internal encoders of the wireless FIZ is spot on. With the focus scale calibration, matching one scale to several hand units becomes easy and perfectly precise. Simply go into the MagNum Hand Unit Menu and access the scales setup. Here you can alter 4 points for maximum precision of the focus wheel.

Support for the Smartranger 2 distance reader incl. autofocus

The Smartranger 2 is a distance reader with ultra sonic measurement and features additionally two tags. These tages can be placed on the floor for crane movements or placed in the pocket of actors or within the car. With the new firmware we have further improved the deep integration of the system into the MagNum wireless FIZ. Enjoy the conveniently placed distance values on the handunit of all three measurement types: ultrasonic, tag 1 and tag 2. Additionally you can display the merged values as a fourth value. In order to change the sensitivity of the ultrasonic measurement you can simply asign a user key on the handunit to toggle between the values.

For focus assistance you can pull focus based on the values of the Smartranger 2 by asigning a user key to the input values of the Smartranger 2. You are going to shoot a tricky focus pulling situation and do not want to change the focus wheel for the slate of the take? Simply click on the user key taking over auto-focus and click again as soon as the slate is recorded. No need to touch the focus hand wheel.

Firmware Download

Please kindly download the new firmware here:

Enjoy your new firmware and let us know any feature requests you would love to see. We are looking forward seeing your posts on social media with @chrosziel and #chrosziel or reviews about the MagNum in the web and onlineshops.