Chrosziel QuickLock V-Mount Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock V-Mount Tripod Plate Chrosziel QuickLock VCT Tripod Plate for cameras with V-mount, fully adjustable 3/8" + 1/4" mount threads. Ultra-lightweight made of aircraft-grade aluminium, quiet, low-noise locking mechanism, play-free mounting of the camera by push and pull release/lock lever.  (replaces 401-130)FEATRURESSecure, Play-Free Camera MountingLow-Noise Locking Mechanism For all cameras with V Mount Play-Free mounting on the Tripod PlateThe  QuickLock Plate 401-150 locking mechanism consists of three parts: movable unlocking bolt at the front,fork-shaped locking slide in the middleretractable locking bolt at the rearTo attach a camera with V-mount adapter to the QuickLock Plate, push it into the V-shaped notch on the front and pull the locking lever to the right. The following happens: Unlocking bolt  and locking slide  move forwards / left, the locking bolt downwards. Compared to average standard Quick Release Plates or VCT Tripod Plates (mostly without retractable locking bolts), the Chrosziel locking mechanism with retractable locking bolt has play-freely clamps to secure even worn out rear mounting mechanisms located on the bottom of the camera. For cine cameras equipped only with tripod screw threads at the bottom , a Chrosziel lightweight support (such as 401-EVA1) enables mounting the camera security to the quick release plate. For ENG cameras, rod support can be added via a Chrosziel lightweight support (like 401-50 for Sony) in combination with the QuickLock Plate.
Matte Box MB 415, 2 filter stage, 114mm, 15mm rod mount, complete