Accessory bridge 15mm
Accessory bridge 15mm w 3/8" and 1/4" insert, double sided clamping

Bridge Plate DigiCine, Ø19mm
Bridge Plate with Ø19mm rods, L= 440mm, for Sony F23, F35, F55, F65, Phantom Flex and with LWS as adaptor for Red Epic / Scarlet, Canon EOS C Series and other

CF rods f. LWS Ø 15mm, L 500mm
CF carbon rods (set of 2) for lightweight support, Ø15mm, length 500mm De Luxe version: Ground to 2/100 mm precision, with thread for extensions, weight 105 g (pair).

Chaos Cable Ties
Adjustable Cable Ties With Multiple Mounts.One of the little things that makes life easier on setSet with 12 pcs "Chaos Cable Ties"4x 1/4" thread4x 3/8" thread 4x stickytapeOrganize your cables on your camera set with our Chaos Cable Ties. These adjustable, reusable ties are great for managing cable on set. they also reduce cable strain as they keep the cable from sliding through unlike other ties.  The set comes with 4 ties that have a 3/8th thread and 4 that have 1/4-20 thread to attached to cages and organize cables around the camera they way you want. Because of the thread, you can use them again and again. No threaded mount points available? Chrosziel has you covered with 4 adhesive Chaos Cable Ties in the set. 

Chrosziel QuickLock V-Mount Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock VCT Tripod Plate for cameras with V-mount, fully adjustable 3/8" + 1/4" mount threads. Ultra-lightweight made of aircraft-grade aluminium, quiet, low-noise locking mechanism, play-free mounting of the camera by push and pull release/lock lever.  (replaces 401-130)FEATRURESSecure, Play-Free Camera MountingLow-Noise Locking Mechanism For all cameras with V Mount Play-Free mounting on the Tripod PlateThe  QuickLock Plate 401-150 locking mechanism consists of three parts: movable unlocking bolt at the front,fork-shaped locking slide in the middleretractable locking bolt at the rearTo attach a camera with V-mount adapter to the QuickLock Plate, push it into the V-shaped notch on the front and pull the locking lever to the right. The following happens: Unlocking bolt  and locking slide  move forwards / left, the locking bolt downwards. Compared to average standard Quick Release Plates or VCT Tripod Plates (mostly without retractable locking bolts), the Chrosziel locking mechanism with retractable locking bolt has play-freely clamps to secure even worn out rear mounting mechanisms located on the bottom of the camera. For cine cameras equipped only with tripod screw threads at the bottom , a Chrosziel lightweight support (such as 401-EVA1) enables mounting the camera security to the quick release plate. For ENG cameras, rod support can be added via a Chrosziel lightweight support (like 401-50 for Sony) in combination with the QuickLock Plate.

Lensport Iris Motor for cine lenses and Hirose 12pin output cameras
Universal Lensport Iris Motor for cine lenses in Broadcast / ENG Run& Gun setups The universal Iris Motor is a compact and universal Iris motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on a 15mm rod. The universal motor unit CDM-LP-I fits seamlessly into the operating functions of any camera with Hirose 12pin lensport communcation. The servo drive is controlled via the 12pin Hirose output of the camera. The motor control can be addressed via the camera-specific Broadcast protocol and also works in conjunction with e.g. the MetaMount E-to-PL adapter.The Chrosziel Lensport Iris Motor now allows optimal use of all manual zoom and prime lenses together with any camera with Hirose 12pin output. For this purpose, the Iris motor is slid onto a 15mm rod and swiveled onto the zoom or prime lens. The curled Hirose 12pin cable establish the connection with the camera. Compatibility: The Universal Iris Motor has been successfully tested with the following cameras (manual and automatic iris control): ARRI Amira Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 & URSA Mini Pro 12K Canon C300/500 with EU-V2 expansion unit Panasonic AK-PLV100 Sony F5/F55 with LA-FZB1 adapter Sony Venice Sony E-Mount cameras with Chrosziel MetaMount MA-EPL-HR12 Manual Passive Mode: For temporary manual control, the motor can be set to passive mode. Simply press the motor button once briefly and the motor can be rotated freely. Once the button is pressed again, the motor is back in Active mode and controlled by the camera. Metadata:For setup, the cable is connected to the Hirose 12pin socket of the camera. The motor automatically calibrates itself and finds the endstops of the lens. For metadata calibration, the motor needs to learn T-Stop 4 and 16. With the press of the only button, the motor goes into passive mode and the user can turn the motor without resistance. The motor is turned to T-Stop 4 and the the press of the button confirms the position. Afterwards the motor is turned to T-Stop 16 and the position is confirmed with another press of the button. Ready! FEATURESUniversal Iris motor The Iris Motor is a compact and universal Iris motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on a 15mm rod. Controlled via any Hirose 12pin camera outputThe camera's Hirose 12pin Lensport output controls directly the Iris motor unit. Remote Iris and AutoIris controlUse the Iris motor in a remote setup and control it via the RCP or WebGUI of any camera with Hirose 12pin connector. Or switch on the AutoIris functionality of your camera and the camera uses the Chrosziel Univeral Iris Motor for AutoIris control.

Mattebox Basic Kit for Arri Alexa
The Chrosziel Matte Box Basic Kit for ARRI Alexa includes the 456-20 carbon fiber matte box with two rotating filter stages, two multi-format filter holders, a french flag, a rear clamp with 130mm inside diameter, a swing-away bracket and a pair of VariTube telescopic 15mm rods. Chrosziel has bundled this comprehensive kit for use with the ARRI Alexa digital cinema camera.The 456-20 Matte Box can accommodate lens as wide as 12mm on the Super 35mm format without vignetting. Two independently rotating 5x5" filter stages provide sufficient space for adjusting the position of polarizers and other types of filters. The French flag improves light control and helps to eliminate lens glare and flare, and the swing away bracket facilitates quick access for lens changes.Whats in the Box :MatteBox Kit with 456-20 Academy Double, for cameras with Super 35 of full frame sensor, with Double Rotating-Filter StageFrench flag (402-26)2 filterholders multi 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01)16:9 matte insertbracket for Ø 15mm rods and clamp adaptor Ø 130 mm411-68 Flexi-InsertringClamp-on Ø 130mm for lens diameter 95-125mm 401-503 DSW©® 500 Direct Swing-Away 401-01VT150 VariTube® telescopic rods, Ø 15mm, length 150-230 mm

Mattebox Kit with Studio Rig for Arri Alexa
MatteBox kit with Academy Double (456-20), for cameras with full format chip,DoubleRotating Filterstage, french flag (402-26), 2 filterholders 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01), 16:9 matte insert (416-03), bracket for Ø 15 mm rods, clamp adaptor Ø 130 mm. 411-68 Flexi-Insertring, clamp-on Ø 130mm for lens diameter 95-125mm 401-503 DSW©® 500 Direct Swing-Away 401-01VT150 VariTube® telescopic rods, Ø 15mm, length 150-230 mm 204-01S FollowFocus StudioRig Cine Single 201-05 Focus gear mod 0.8 width 16mm

Mattebox Kit with Studio Rig for Arri Alexa
MatteBox 450W Super Wide MatteBox for wide-angle lenses, with Double-Rotating Filter Stage, incl. french flag (450-11), 2 filterholders multiformat 4x4/4x5.650 (410-31), bracket for Ø15mm rods, clamp adapter Ø130mm 411-68 Flexi-Insertring, clamp-on Ø 130mm for lens diameter 95-125mm 401-503 DSW©® 500 Direct Swing-Away 401-01VT150 VariTube® telescopic rods, Ø 15mm, length 150-230 mm

QuickAdapter 15mm for 19mm rods
QuickAdaptor, 15mm holder clamping to rods with Ø 19mm, quick-lock device

QuickFit Lens support for dia. 15 +19 mm rods
Universal 15 + 19mm Lens Support Bracket with 3 support stands, intercombinable, lenght 14, 27 and 35 mm, for lenses w. 1/4" + 3/8" threads. With QuickFit device for Ø15 + 19mm rods.

Top Bridge DigiCine, Ø19mm CF
Only Top Bridge of Bridge Plate F235 incl. Ø 19 mm carbon Rods, L=500 mm