Perfectly fitting accessories from Chrosziel dedicated for the Sony ILME-FR7 remote PTZ head. Zoom Servo Drives for universal lens choice with the Sony FR7 head.
CDM-SFR - the Sony ILME-FR7 Universal Zoom Servo Drive
Chrosziel further expands its successful CDM Zoom Servo Drive family The FR7 zoom motor unit CDM-SFR fits seamlessly into the operating functions of the Sony PTZ ILME-FR7 camera. The FR7 Zoom Servo Drive is a compact and universal zoom motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on the 15mm rods of the Sony PTZ head. The servo drive is controlled via the Option port of the Sony ILME-FR7. The motor control can be addressed via Sony's camera-specific protocol and therefore can be used seamlessly with the whole ecosystem of the Sony FR7.Due to the included Chrosziel Flexi toothed ring (#206-30), the CDM-SFR can be used with almost any zoom lens even without standard cine gearing. This opens up a complete new range of lenses to cover the creatives needs from wide angle lenses to long-zoom operation.The FR7 Zoom servo drive unit is slid onto the 15mm rod and swiveled onto the zoom lens. The curly cables ensure safe operation within the full tilt and pan range of the Sony ILME-FR7. The tiny distribution box is mounted to the side of the FR7 base and has a built-in power input. Simply unplug the power supply of the FR7 and plug it into the distribution box. Then plug the power plug of the distribution box into the power input of the Sony FR7. Connect the RJ45 connector of the distribution box into the OPTION port of the cameras base unit (do not connect to the Ethernet port since you need this for the ILME-FR7 communication). Done.FEATURESUniversal zoom motor The CDM-SFR is a compact and universal zoom motor that can be pivoted to almost any lens by simply mounting it on the 15mm rod. Controlled via Sony ILME-FR7 The Sony ILME-FR7 base unit controls directly the servo drive unit. What ever remote panel or web access you use to control the Sony ILME-FR7, the zoom motor will receive its signal directly from the base unit of the FR7.No extra cables or power supply neededThe CDM-SFR inherits all cables, clamps, distribution box and plugs to use it right out of the box with the Sony ILME-FR7. No extra power supply needed. Technical dataPower IN 19.5V (Sony ILME-FR7 power supply used) Power OUT (Sony ILME-FR7 power plug, same voltage as power in passed through)RJ45 plug (control command In (OPTION port)) Torque 0.5Nm Power consumption max. approx. 10Wproduct code CDM-SFR EAN/GTIN number: 4250618848648 IN THE BOX 1x CDM-SFR Digital motor unit 1x 206-30 Flexi Gear Ring (Ø 60-120mm) 1x Gear Drive, mod. 0.8 (Ø 30mm)