MatteBox MB 415 110mm, complete

Product number: 415-02F110

Product number: 415-02F110
The Chrosziel MB 415 Wide Angle Matte Box mounts on your 15mm LWS setup to prevent lens flares on lenses as wide as 11mm. The MB 415 features a dual-stage construction, with a rear rotating stage. A 110mm bellows on the back of the matte box mounts to the outside of your lens, and can even accept a circular screw-in filter in addition to the two other stages. A top flag is included for controlling the amount of extra light blockage depending on your setup. Using the 15mm clamp, the MB 415 will mount to a 15mm LWS setup. For 19mm studio setups, an adapter can be purchased separately.

What's in the Box:

Compact MatteBox 4:3 +16:9 F4.5 = CLWAH-F4.5
French Flag
1x fixed multi-format 4x4/4x5.650 (410-31)
1x rotatable multi-format 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01), 
Bracket for Ø 15mm LWS rods, 
Ret. Ring Ø110mm

Other MB415 Configurations

Matte Box MB 415, 2 filter stage, 114mm, 15mm rod mount, complete

Adapter rings

110mm Step Down Rings