New Functions for MagNum
and Aladin

Lens Control Systems

Chrosziel’s latest functions for the MagNum and Aladin LCS are assignable User Keys, Wireless Software Zoom, RED Motors Compatibility, Canon 5D Camera Start / Stop, Preston Hand Unit Support and Canon RC-V100 as well as Canon CN7x17 Integration.

Chrosziel continuously develops and releases new firmware for its Lens Control Systems (LCS) Aladin MK II and MagNum. The nearly monthly releases not only include minor changes requested by our users but also mainly new functions. This shows that the user feedback plays an important role in the specifying process of developing state-of-the-art functions. Our in-house software development gives us the advantage of reacting rapidly to the demands of the market.

Overview of the latest functions:

  • MagNum Hand Unit Assignable User Keys: Assign specific function to the User Keys in order to spread the Focus or Iris Scales, calibrate a specific motor, Start / Stop the camera, LED Light On / Off and more
  • MagNum Hand Unit Wireless Software Zoom: Use the Keypad Cross to zoom in and out with the keys as well as setting the zoom speed
  • MagNum and Aladin RED Motor Compatibility: Use your existing RED Motors with our LCS
  • MagNum and Aladin Canon 5D Camera Start / Stop: Remotely start and stop the Canon 5D camera with the optional Canon 5D Mark III cable (MN-COFEOS, AL2-COFEOS)
  • Aladin Preston Hand Unit Support: Use your existing Preston Hand Unit with the Aladin MK II by connecting the Preston Protocol Adaptor (PPA) with the Aladin Extension Modul AL2-EXT-DLI
  • MagNum and Aladin Canon RC-V100 Integration: Control Focus, Iris and Zoom of the MagNum and Aladin remotely with the Canon RC-V100 Remote Panel by using the optional adapter cable AL2-INTF-LPV100
  • MagNum and Aladin Canon CN7x17 Integration: Control the internal encoder motor of the new Canon CN7x17 with the optional adapter cable (MN-PMCD / AL2-PMCD)

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