Smooth zoom curves are filmmakers best friend

Timm Stemann travelling to Dortmund with 2 CDM-MK-Z

Airport Munich – early in the morning

On October 6th, 2017 two CDM-MK-Z test devices travelled with Chrosziel product specialist Timm Stemann from Munich to Dortmund visiting cameraman, editor and producer Uli Mors. Uli hosted a workshop to concentrate on the development of the zoom curves. Together with other camera pros they spent nearly a whole day to find out the best solution. Thank you all for the great input, you made the product outstanding. Here comes Uli’s story – but be careful: this REALLY happened!

A letter from Uli Mors

Ulrich Mors cameraman Sony FS5 and Sony FS 7Isn´t it us cameramen always complaining the industry doesn´t listen?

In the case of Sony´s FS7 Fujinon listened to their customers and developed a lightweight f2.8 zoom with two different focal lengths (MK18-55 and MK50-135). Unfortunately, they decided to make no motor zoom – what a pity!

Chrosziel has also listened and so we met on IBC2017 to talk about a small compact motor zoom for both lenses – it’s housed in a small box that snugly fits onto the MK zoom as it was developed to sit there from the very beginning. While talking to Timm Stemann (Chrosziel) he asked me how I’d like to have the motor response to be: “Faster” or “Smoother”? Or finally both?

Well – think about it! How would you like “your” personal motor zoom to be? Remember: The MK is a 3x Zoom only. It makes no sense to make it light-travelling fast. But it should be reasonably fast for ENG or docu work. However, I offered to invite a bunch of Sony FS7/FS5 users to my place, grab some coffee and donuts and have a tech-talk, try-out and brainstorm a bit about it. And we made it happen!

Ten days later we met and Chrosziel gave us a try with a pre-sale model. We discussed (and tried!) different zoom speeds, different acceleration steps and finally thought of two or three “standard” recipes for different work, like general EB work (fast zoom, smooth start/stop, veeeery slow starting speed for creeping zooms in interviews) and faster documentary / live work (faster zoom in low rocker settings, fast stop). For this, we discussed our wishes and Timm Stemann send them to the firmware programmer in Munich, who resent us beta-firmwares to install and play with. We even tried to ask Chrosziel for a nice speed/noise balance: Man, the motor drive can really speed the zoom up (fast as a glimpse, couldn´t believe it, but gets noisy then)!

In the end of the day Timm left with some useful motor response curves for general and special camera work – and we were proud to give some input into the industry. It´s great when the industry listens. Can´t wait to see “our” curves in the final product!