Mattebox Basic Kit for Arri Alexa

Product number: 456-20AL

Product number: 456-20AL
The Chrosziel Matte Box Basic Kit for ARRI Alexa includes the 456-20 carbon fiber matte box with two rotating filter stages, two multi-format filter holders, a french flag, a rear clamp with 130mm inside diameter, a swing-away bracket and a pair of VariTube telescopic 15mm rods. Chrosziel has bundled this comprehensive kit for use with the ARRI Alexa digital cinema camera.

The 456-20 Matte Box can accommodate lens as wide as 12mm on the Super 35mm format without vignetting. Two independently rotating 5x5" filter stages provide sufficient space for adjusting the position of polarizers and other types of filters. The French flag improves light control and helps to eliminate lens glare and flare, and the swing away bracket facilitates quick access for lens changes.

Whats in the Box :

MatteBox Kit with 456-20 Academy Double, for cameras with Super 35 of full frame sensor, with Double Rotating-Filter Stage
French flag (402-26)
2 filterholders multi 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01)
16:9 matte insert
bracket for Ø 15mm rods and clamp adaptor Ø 130 mm
411-68 Flexi-Insertring
Clamp-on Ø 130mm for lens diameter 95-125mm 401-503 DSW©® 
500 Direct Swing-Away 401-01VT150 VariTube® telescopic rods, Ø 15mm, length 150-230 mm

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