MatteBox MB 456 Academy Double

Product number: 456-20

Product number: 456-20
The Chrosziel Matte Box 456-20 Academy (2 Filter Holders) consists of a 456-R20 matte box, French flag, a filter stage for two individually rotating filter holders, two 4 x 5.65"/5 x 5" filter holders, a 130mm clamp-on rear plate, and a bracket for 15mm lightweight support rods. It is ideal for use with handheld and studio production cameras.

The 456-R20 Matte Box offers a wide angle (16:9/4:3) housing for lenses as wide as 12mm (35mm Academy) and eliminates the effects of vignetting. Equipped with a filter stage for two independently rotating 4 x 5.65"/5 x 5" filter holders, the matte box provides sufficient space for adjusting the position of filters.

Provided with a French flag, the Matte Box 456-20 Academy controls the angle of light and eliminates lens glare and flare. It can be coupled with optional side wings for accurate light adjustment. The kit includes a 130mm clamp-on rear plate and a bracket for use with 15mm lightweight support rods (optional).

With optional bridge plate adapters, you can interface the kit with 15 or 19mm bridge plate rods. An optional swing-away bracket, attached to the back of the matte box housing, allows for quick and efficient lens changes.

What's in the Box: 

Matte Box 456 Academy Double, for full frame cameras, with Double-Rotating Filter Stage
French flag (402-26)
2 filter holders multiformat 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01)
16:9 (416-03) matte insert
Bracket for Ø15mm rods and clamp adaptor Ø130mm

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