MatteBox MB 450W Super Wide

Product number: 450W-20

Product number: 450W-20
MatteBox 450W Super Wide MatteBox  for Wide-Angle lenses, with double-rotating Filter Stages 

The Chrosziel MB 450W Super Wide Matte Box is a lightweight, yet robust, carbon fiber matte box for professional cinema and video cameras. The "Super Wide" design allows for full frame lenses as wide as 20mm to be used. 1/3"-chip camcorders can use as wide as 2.6mm focal length setting without vignetting. 1/2"-chip camcorders can use down to 3.6mm. Use the included top flag to control glare and reflections for improved contrast and reduced ghosting in the recorded image. Further control can be achieved through separately available side and bottom flags.

Both filter stages accept 4x4" and 4x5.65" filters and rotate for use and control of polarizing as well as graduated filters. To use this matte box on your camera, the camera must be mounted on a separately available 15mm LWS baseplate. Fit the matte box on the rods until it covers the lens front. Rod-mounted matte boxes are preferred over clamp-on matte boxes in many production situations as they are always properly aligned with the image horizon.

What's In The Box: 
MB450W MatteBox 
 French flag (450-11)
2 filter holders multiformat 4x4/4x5.650 (410-31), 
bracket for Ø15mm rods
clamp adapter Ø130mm

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