DV StudioRig plus

Product number: 206-60S

Product number: 206-60S
DV StudioRig plus, follow focus with non-slip padded hand wheel, VariLockwith 2 adjustable hard stops, free wheel, scale (205-02), for one-side operation. Extended range for lens diameter up to 130 mm (measured with gear drive 206-12, not included). A single lock for rod and extension clamp makes changing of lenses quick. Hand wheel with fine-structured rubber surface for a comfortable, save grip.
A focus lever and flexible shafts extend the functionality. The scale is easy to change and the reference marking is adjustable for the operator or the assistant. Gear drives and gear rings for the different lenses ensure precise adjustments and can be mounted without tool on both sides of the gear unit.
The VariLock 2 feature of the Rigs now allows both since the range of rotation is fully variable for any
selectable limit.
The red stopper marks infinity or any other distance and the blue one the second focal plane or the nearest lens setting. By unlocking the two variable end stops the hand wheel turns unlimited. In addition, the camera operator himself can precisely control and reproduce the focus settings even without an assistant. Both stoppers are covered with soft rubber for silent operation.

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