Chrosziel LWS KIT for Sony Venice 2

Product number: 401-VEN-LWS-KIT

Product number: 401-VEN-LWS-KIT
Sony Venice 2 LWS-KIT consists of: Shoulder support 401-VEN, cage brackets left and right, and top plate.

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Chrosziel LWS for Sony Burano, Venice 2 & Venice
Chrosziel Light weight support for Sony Burano, Venice 2 and Venice camera, with integrated shoulder pad, 2 rosettes, 401-FS7/5-03 Tripod Adapter Plate, rear rods optional (401-FS7-5R-01)

Handles for Cages and Topplates
Handles for Cages and Topplates, compatible with anti-twist 3/8" safeguards.

Rear Rod Clamp for Light Weight Support
Rear Rod Clamp for Light Weight Support, ideally suited for: 401-FX9401-FX6401-FS7401-FS5401-C70401-C500II401-C300III401-C700 Light Weight Supports.INCLUDED IN BOX1x Rear Rod Clamp for Light Weight SupportOne Pair of Steel Rods: Diameter: 15mm, Length: 100mm

Chrosziel QuickLock V-Mount Tripod Plate
Chrosziel QuickLock VCT Tripod Plate for cameras with V-mount, fully adjustable 3/8" + 1/4" mount threads. Ultra-lightweight made of aircraft-grade aluminium, quiet, low-noise locking mechanism, play-free mounting of the camera by push and pull release/lock lever.  (replaces 401-130)FEATRURESSecure, Play-Free Camera MountingLow-Noise Locking Mechanism For all cameras with V Mount Play-Free mounting on the Tripod PlateThe  QuickLock Plate 401-150 locking mechanism consists of three parts: movable unlocking bolt at the front,fork-shaped locking slide in the middleretractable locking bolt at the rearTo attach a camera with V-mount adapter to the QuickLock Plate, push it into the V-shaped notch on the front and pull the locking lever to the right. The following happens: Unlocking bolt  and locking slide  move forwards / left, the locking bolt downwards. Compared to average standard Quick Release Plates or VCT Tripod Plates (mostly without retractable locking bolts), the Chrosziel locking mechanism with retractable locking bolt has play-freely clamps to secure even worn out rear mounting mechanisms located on the bottom of the camera. For cine cameras equipped only with tripod screw threads at the bottom , a Chrosziel lightweight support (such as 401-EVA1) enables mounting the camera security to the quick release plate. For ENG cameras, rod support can be added via a Chrosziel lightweight support (like 401-50 for Sony) in combination with the QuickLock Plate.

Set Leather Handles
Set Leather Handles, retrectable, swiveling and rotatable handles with HIRTH rosettes connection.

Handle leather left
Single Leather Handle, retrectable, swiveling and rotatable handles with HIRTH rosettes connection.Ergonomically shaped hand piece made from genuine leather. Attachable to all cameras and supports with the industry standard rosettes with Hirth-spacing and center M6 screw. The hand piece position on the cranked shaft may be varied between 240 - 400 mm. The shaft diameter is 18 mm. After taking off the cap at the cranked rod side one can turn the rosette for left or right hand use.

Leather Handle right
Single Leather Handle right, retrectable, swiveling and rotatable handles with HIRTH rosettes connection.

Chaos Cable Ties
Adjustable Cable Ties With Multiple Mounts.One of the little things that makes life easier on setSet with 12 pcs "Chaos Cable Ties"4x 1/4" thread4x 3/8" thread 4x stickytapeOrganize your cables on your camera set with our Chaos Cable Ties. These adjustable, reusable ties are great for managing cable on set. they also reduce cable strain as they keep the cable from sliding through unlike other ties.  The set comes with 4 ties that have a 3/8th thread and 4 that have 1/4-20 thread to attached to cages and organize cables around the camera they way you want. Because of the thread, you can use them again and again. No threaded mount points available? Chrosziel has you covered with 4 adhesive Chaos Cable Ties in the set.