DV StudioRig, follow focus

Product number: 206-05S

Product number: 206-05S
DV StudioRig, follow focus incl. scale (205-02), for one-side-operation. For lens diameter max. 115 mm measured with gear drive 206-12 (not included). Precise gears with practically no play at a very affordable price. A single lock for rod and extension clamp makes changing of lenses quick. Hand wheel with fine-structured surface for save grip. The scale is easy to change and the reference marking is adjustable for the operator or the assistant. Gear drives and gear rings for the different lenses ensure precise adjustments and can be mounted without tool on both sides of the gear unit

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FlexiGearRing Ø 60-120mm
FlexiGearRing MK II, flexible gear ring, adjustable between Ø 60-120 mm, mod 0.8 rotation angle approx. 310°. For still photo and video lenses without gear ring.

Focus Drive mod 0.6, Ø 38mm
Focus drive (DV StudioRig / plus) for Fujinon. mod 0.6, Ø 38mm, 62 teeth.

Focus Drive 0.8, Ø 20.8mm
Focus drive (DV StudioRig / plus) for gear ring type Sony 206-22. mod 0.8 Ø, 20.8mm, 24 teeth.

Focus Drive for 206-05S + 206-60S mod 0.8, Ø 36,8mm
Focus drive (for 206-05S + 206-60S), mod 0.8, for gear rings and Canon and Fujinon cine style lenses, Ø 36.8mm, 44 teeth.

Focus Drive mod 0.5, Ø38mm
Focus drive (DV StudioRig / plus) for Canon, Angenieux. mod. 0.5, Ø 38mm, 76 teeth

Focus Lever for Studio Rig
Focus Lever for Studio Rig, length 10 cm

Scale for DV Studio Rig
Scale for DV-Studio Rig and Bowdendrive