Clamp On Matte Box SD 412 Sunshade 130mm, complete

Product number: 412-02F130

Product number: 412-02F130
The Chrosziel 412-02F130 Sunshade is a lightweight 16:9/4:3  130mm clamp-on sunshade designed to work with select full frame lenses down to 16mm and 2/3" lenses that have focal lengths down to 4.3mm. The sunshade reduces glare which helps eliminate lens flares. This sunshade includes a top French flag. Side Wings are available as an optional accessory for even greater lighting control. 

Additionally, the kit includes two filter stages (one fixed, one rotating) with trays that are capable of holding square filters. The front filter stage holds 4 x 5.65" & 4 x 4" filters, and the rear rotating stage holds 5 x 5" and 4 x 5.65" filters.

Note: Requires step-down rings – use the 412 series for a 130mm clamping back.

What's in the Box: 

Compact Sunshade 4:3/16:9 F4.5 = CLWAH-F4.5
French Flag + CF-SS/130
2 Filter holders 1x fixed multiformat 4x4/4x5.650 (410-31) a. 1x rotatable multi-format 5x5/4x5.650 (510-01)
Clamp Adaptor Ø130 mm

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130mm Step Down Rings