Chrosziel accessories for the Sony Burano camera

Chrosziel launches cutting-edge accessories catering the new Sony Burano camera for high-end documentary, run-and-gun production.

Sony Burano camera accessories

Chrosziel has recently launched an impressive range of cutting-edge accessories that perfectly complement the new Sony Burano camera, catering to the needs of high-end documentary, run-and-gun, and cinema production. These state-of-the-art accessories have been carefully crafted to enhance the functionality and versatility of the Sony Burano camera, ensuring that professionals can capture their vision with precision and ease.

Burano Mount Adapter to PL with built-in electronics and ENG lens communication

One of the standout additions to this accessory lineup is the Burano Mount Adapter, which features the innovative Hirose 12pin out for precise lens control. This adapter empowers filmmakers to achieve accurate and smooth lens adjustments, allowing for stunning shots and unrivaled creativity. The Chrosziel Burano Mount is a Sony Burano camera to PL lens "hot mount" adapter with metadata communication. Each mount is equipped with the necessary pin contacts to transmit lens metadata to the camera and, in turn, provide lens control through a 12-pin Hirose out connection to an ENG lens. When used with cine lenses with LDS or Cooke/i-Data, the adapter transmits metadata such as iris setting, focus distance, and zoom focal length, which are then displayed in the viewfinder, on the monitor, and recorded in the video file for post-processing purposes. By using the Burano Mount with an ENG servo motor-controlled broadcast lens, the Focus/Iris/Zoom servos can be controlled through the camera and are compatible with the Sony Burano GP-VR100 hand grip, Sony FX9 top handle, RCP, or camera's web GUI. This enables easy and complete control of an ENG broadcast lens through the Sony Burano camera. The Meta Mount can be shimmed using the included shim set.

Item number: MA-BURPL-HR12, Link to product: Burano Mount

Sony Burano two-unit top plate

Furthermore, Chrosziel offers a versatile two-unit top plate that seamlessly integrates with various handles, such as the Sony Burano tophandle, Sony FX9 tophandle, and the Chrosziel universal handle. This incredible flexibility allows users to effortlessly tailor their camera setup to their specific shooting style and personal preferences. The Chrosziel Top-Plate for Sony Burano features a built-in Ø15mm rod support and integrated mounting points for easy attachment of accessories. It comes with a pair of Ø15mm rods measuring 9cm / 3.55 inches, with an extendable internal thread for added convenience. The top-plate is cleverly designed in two parts, enabling users to choose between the standard Sony Burano Top Handle or the Sony FX9 Top Handle with built-in electronics for seamless Run&Gun shooting experiences.

Item number: 401-BUR-TOP, link to product: Burano Topplate

Light weight shoulder support for the Sony Burano camera

For those engaged in documentary and run-and-gun shooting, Chrosziel offers a lightweight, durable, and comfortable shoulder support. This essential accessory provides stability and ease of use, enabling filmmakers to capture captivating footage even in the most challenging environments. The Chrosziel Lightweight Support for Sony Burano, Venice 2, and Venice cameras features an integrated shoulder pad, two rosettes, and a 401-FS7/5-03 Tripod Adapter Plate. Rear rods are optional (401-FS7-5R-01).

Item number: 401-VEN, Link to product: Burano LWS

Bridge plate for heavy lens setups

For filmmakers looking to tackle cine production or support heavy-weight zooms, Chrosziel introduces an exceptional bridge plate that is both lightweight and stable. Say goodbye to the need for an intermediate plate, as this bridge plate provides maximum reliability and efficiency even during high-pressure shoots. Compatible with Sony Burano, Venice 2, and Venice cameras, the Chrosziel Bridgeplate features 19mm and 15mm rods designed specifically for bridge plates.

Item number: 401-VEN-BRI, Link to product: Burano Bridge plate

Side brackets for the Sony Burano camera

Moreover, Chrosziel presents versatile side brackets that offer the flexibility to be mounted either at the front or rear of the camera. These brackets feature a wide range of universal 1/4 and 1/8 threadings, allowing filmmakers to easily attach essential accessories such as audio or video transmitters, time code devices, monitors, battery adapters, and more. The Rear Side Bracket is equipped with numerous 3/8″ & 1/4″ fastening points and incorporates an ARRI anti-twist safeguard. It securely mounts with two screws into the Chrosziel 401-BUR-TOP top plate and also into the two threading points of the Sony Burano camera body. Similarly, the Front Side Bracket offers numerous 3/8″ & 1/4″ fastening points with ARRI anti-twist safeguard and is mounted with two screws into the Chrosziel 401-BUR-TOP top plate and the two threading points of either the Chrosziel Light Weight Support 401-VEN or Chrosziel Bridge Plate 401-VEN-BRI. With these reliable and flexible side brackets, filmmakers can bring their creative vision to life by customizing their camera setup with ease and precision.

Item number Rear Bracket: 401-BUR-SBR; Link to product: Burano rear bracket
Item number Front Bracket: 401-BUR-SBR; Link to product: Burano front bracket

Precise Zoom control for the Sony Burano camera handgrip

In addition to being compatible with the new Sony Burano camera, Chrosziel's range of zoom servo drives provides the perfect solution for achieving smooth and precise zooms. Whether you're capturing interviews, wildlife footage, or need to quickly adjust your focal length, these servo drives offer unparalleled flexibility. The impressive lineup includes the versatile universal Zoomer (CDM-UNI-Z2), as well as lens-specific devices for Angenieux EZ.1, EZ.2 & EZ.2 (CDM-EZ-Z2), Fujinon MK (CDM-MK-Z2), Fujinon XK (CDM-XK-Z2), and Zeiss LWZ.3 (CDM-LWZ3-Z2). With the optional Sony Burano GP-VR100 hand grip or any LANC zoom controller, you can effortlessly control these zoom servo drives, allowing for seamless run-and-gun shooting with both cinema and photo lenses. Experience the power and precision of Chrosziel's range of accessories and take your filmmaking to new heights.

All the accessories needed for the Sony Burano camera

With Chrosziel's innovative range of accessories, professionals can elevate their filmmaking to new heights, unlocking endless possibilities and pushing the boundaries of their artistic expression. Embrace the power of these cutting-edge tools and experience a new level of precision, control, and creativity in your productions.

Link to camera category page: Sony Burano Camera

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