Follow Focus

Erweiterte Flexibilität

StudioRig Cine (204-01)

The StudioRig Cine (204-01) translates the rotation on the hand wheel into a ratio of 1:1 on the lens focus ring. Practically play-free precise focus pulling. For further adjustments, different gear diameters are available. The QuickFit versions (204-01-Q und 204-02Q) slip on to the rods from below – no need to dismantle other accessories.

  • Three gear modules for lens types are available
  • The new VariLock II hand wheel for the StudioRig Cine for precise repeatability of focus settings whith manual end stops

DV StudioRig Plus / Photo (206-055)

It guarantees precise repeatability of focus Settings for cameras with auto focus or electronic focus control. The ergonomic hand wheel has a mount for a flexible shaft and a secure and comfortable grip.

  • The DV StudioRig Plus mit VariLock II function (206-60S) has a range of Rotation which is fully variable for any selectable Limit. From two variable starting Points, the end stops of the focus range can be set manually covering the complete focus range thus giving utmost flexiblility.
  • The DV Studio Rig Plus Photo (206-05SP) is equipped with a reverse gear allowing focus control of video and cine lenses
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DV StudioRig (206-60S)

The follow focus DV StudioRig (206-05S) for DV and HDV Camcorders is compact, lightweight and fits on the Ø 15mm rods. The scale is quick to Change an easily read by the camera Operator. The referance marking can be adjusted for the Operator or assistants. Gear drives an gear rings for different lenses ensure precise adjustments and optimal use of the lens adjustable angle.

  • DV StudioRig, follow focus incl. scale (205-02), for one-side-operation
  • For lens diameter max. 115mm (measured with gear drive (206-12), not included)
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