Servo Drive für Fujinon Premista Zoom

Produktnummer: CDM-PREM-FIZ

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Produktnummer: CDM-PREM-FIZ
The Chrosziel CDM-PREM-FIZ Full Servo Drive Unit was developed exclusively with all three Fujinon Premista Lenses and is field installable. This compact and ergonomic design allows you to integrate the all-manual “cine style“ Fujinon Premista lens into your broadcast, multi-camera and remote head workflows in a very simple way, because you have all components in one housing.
Three perfectly positioned drive gears engage the Fujinon Premista lens with a high degree of precision, employing three powerful digital cine motors. The Chrosziel CDM-PREM-FIZ is particularly useful for cinematic multicam, ENG and OB work, where zoom and focus can be controlled from standard Fujinon TVstyle tripod controls or the handheld zoom rocker switch. It supports remote head and robotics applications via the Hirose 20pin Fujinon remote interface, which also allows the Chrosziel Magnum wireless FIZ unit and all other compatible brands of FIZ to control the drive’s focus, zoom and iris.

This Project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.


• Demand Input Focus (analog/digital 16-bit)
• Demand Input Zoom (analog/digital 16-bit)
• Standard Fujinon Digipower Control Protocols
• External Power recommended for maximum performance
• /i and eXtended data pass thru
• Weight: approx. 1.2 KG (2.6 lbs)


• Power: Lemo-compatible 0B.305
• Lens-Port: 12 Pin-Hirose socket
• Focus-Demand 12 Pin Hirose Socket (Fujinon standard – Pinout)
• Zoom-Demand 12 Pin Hirose Socket (Fujinon standard – Pinout)
• Remote (Hirose 20 Pin)


• Compatible with Premista 19-45, 28-100, 80-250
• /i eXtended data pass thru for augmented/ virtual production workflows
• User installable drive unit
• Lightweight (approx. 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs.)
• Fujinon Digipower Protocols enable seamless use in robotic and remote head applications
• USB Port for software updates
• Wide range of power input (12V-30V DC)
• Built-in adjustable speed zoom rocker

What is in the box?

• 1x CDM-PREM-FIZ – Full servo drive
• 1x MN-AB-A - Power Cable 12 Volt A/B D-Tap
• 1x AL2-INTF-LP – Connection Cable Lensport
• 1x Allen Key

Recommended accessories

MagNum Sender mit Zoom Rocker, Battery, Ladegerät, Antenne und Handschlaufe
MagNum Funkschärfe mit Zoom Rocker, Battery und Ladegerät, 2,4 GHz + 433 MHz Bedienteil/ Sendeeinheit für Fokus, Iris und Zoom.Enthält 1x MN-200T Hand Einheit mit Antenne und Handschlaufe, 1x MN-ZR Zoom Rocker, 1x MN-BAT Battery, 1x MN-CH Ladegerät

3.976,00 €*
MagNum Sender m. Antenne
MagNum 2,4 GHz + 433 MHz Bedienteil/ Sendeeinheit für Fokus und Iris mit Antenne und Handschlaufe

3.411,00 €*
MagNum/CDM-MK-Z Power 4pin XLR 12V
Stromversorgungskabel 12V 4pin XLR - MagNum / CDM-MK-Z Zoom Motor Lemo 0B 5pin

185,00 €*
CDM-xxx-Z angled Power+on/off 24V RS
Kombiniertes Stromversorgungskabel + Kamera on/off Funktion ARRI + Moviecam SL + Sony F35 Kameras 24 Volt 3 pin Fischer RS - Aladin2 / MagNum / CDM-XXX-Z Lemo komp. 0B 5pin gewinkelt

224,00 €*