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Almost everything around the Zoom Servo Drive Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z for Fujinon MK lenses


all components fit in one housing

Mounted to lens

two captive screws keeping the servo unit permanently fixed to the lens

Controlled via SONY handgrip

no need for additional accessories – other LANC equipment is supported as well

Camera control signals forwarded

control commands are immediately looped through to the camera (e.g. menu / user buttons)

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Our regularly updated firmwares includes not only changing wishes of the users but also new features. This user feedback plays an important role, which regards the development specification of promising features.

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Are you missing a special function or do you need a tailored solution for your lens control application suited to your project? Chrosziel offers customised firmware and software programming for the MagNum, Aladin and Zoom Servo Drive lens control systems.

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CDM-MK-Z/CDM-XK-Z 03.04.2019

Firmware CDM-MK-Z/CDM-XK-Z 03.04.2019

Minor firmware release. Modification for Zoom Modi Switching from 5 seconds to ca. 30 seconds.


File Size: 38 KB


Update Procedure:

  • Copy the provided software file into the root of an USB stick (FAT/FAT32 formatted)
  • Power down the item
  • Plug USB stick into socket
  • Power the unit
  • Unit will perform the update indicating the progress by different LED flashing patterns on the side.
  • After update the Unit restarts automatically

Software updates are provided by Chrosziel for free by download and via email to all registered uses, when available.