QuickLock- &
Bridge Plates

For quick and secure camera connection.

401-150 QuickLock Plate

The patented QuickLock tripod adapter plate (401-150) connects the camera quickly and easily, and even after decades of use. In combination with the Chrosziel bridge plate (401-121) adjustment of the centre of gravity is very easy. Suitable for all cameras which are equipped with wedge plate connections (V-mount) in the front and a mounting bracket behind the shoulder support.

  • For many cameras, the solid connection to the tripod

401-121 Bridge Plate

Stable bridge plate with Ø 19mm rods. For all Chrosziel bridge plates: The various offsets of the optical axes can be compensated for by using the slotted holes.

  • Incl. Ø 19mm stainless steel or carbon fiber rods (rod centre to centre spacing 105 mm)
  • Rods from 440mm up to 720mm length
  • Attached to the Chrosziel QuickLock plate on the bridge plate 401-121, the lens is in the standard height for using MatteBoxes

401-F235 DigiCine Bridge Plate

Large Bridge plate for all major Digi-Cine cameras. Allows comfortable working from the tripod. Depending on the desired center of gravitiy, the camera can be moved smoothly back an forth with the sturdy slider. An extra long slider version allows to work with very long lenses.

  • For Sony F23/F35/F65
  • Incl. Ø 19mm stainless steel or carbon fiber rods
  • Rods up to 720mm lenth
  • The 401-F235 can be combined with the light weight supports type 401-4XX and the 401-FS7

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