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The articulating arm RAMBO (550-RA) is the best of its class and one of our most popular accessory. It stays and by its two-step clamping very comfortable in use. The fixation of the rotation of the ball pivots provides additional stability, when other arms fail due to a torque – RAMBO stays! The detachable 3/8″ thread is available as an accessory  (550-MA-38) if two 3/8″ threads are needed.

  • With two-step central clamp, 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
  • The 3/8″ thread can be detached and then gives access to a further 1/4″ thread
  • The central clamp fixes first the articulation and secondly the ball pivot
  • The 90° slot is rotating and can be fixed


The Chrosziel CustomCage (700-00) is developed in cooperation with camera-operators for camera-operators. The modularity of the CusomCage offers the user maximum flexibility. Modular construction by various color-coded modules. The Custom Cage – depending on the Version – can be used for a variety of compact cameras(z.B. Article Nr. 700-10/-10/-20/-30/-40/-41/50).

  • Can be easily combined with the Chrosziel light weight supports
  • Also available as BLACK EDITION
  • Available with case for individual configuration

MultiPad 15

The new shoulderpad MultiPad 15 can be fixed laterally or straight behind the camera as well as underneath the camera body. MultiPad 15 turns every camera in a sholder mounted camera. One may add one of the various handles.

  • For mounting on Ø 15mm rods
  • MultiPad 15 – adjustable shoulderpad complete (3050)
  • MultiPad 15 – straight (3050-02)

Hand Grips

The ergonomically shaped Chrosziel hand grips (403-30) are attachable to all cameras and supports with the industry standard rosettes with Hirth-spacing and center M6 screw. Hand grips available with or without electric start/stop knob.

  • Extendable and angle adjustable on both sides
  • Hand piece made from genuine leather
  • The hand piece position on the cranked shaft may be varied between 240 – 400 mm (403-32)
  • Additional available: rod clamp with knob for camera start/stop signal (403-COFL)

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