Professional Camera Accessories

Our PCA products support you reliably during production and ensure smooth operation of your camera and your cinematic equipment. MatteBoxes and sunshades, filter holders, fluid-zoom drives or support systems – our product portfolio offers a wide variety. Robust and reliable function and technology, durability as well as quality and precision distinguish our professional camera accessories. Our customer’s wishes are strongly integrated into our product development.

….for optical excellence!
…made in Germany!


For the rigorous demands of today‘s
cinematic productions.

MB 602 /SD 602

Studio MatteBox for film, HD Cinematography and television production, with 2 to 4 filterstages 6.6×6.6, ideally combines with all prime and zoom lenses up to 165mm outside diameter.

  • Max. wide angle focal*: S16 6 / S35 10 / KB 16 / SD 3.9 / HD 4.3
  • Format 16:9: S35
  • Filter size (inch): 6.6×6.6
  • Max. filter number: 4 filters, thereof 3 rotatable, with gear positioned
  • Connection diameter  (mm): 165 / 142.5

*(F = mm)

MB 415

Wide angle MatteBox, compact, for 2 filters with 4,3mm focal lenth. For the use on 2/3″ chip video cameras.

  • Max. wide angle focal*: S16 6 / S35 10 / Still 35mm 17 / SD 3.9 / HD 4.3
  • Multi-format 4:3 and 16:9: S16, S35, SD, HD
  • Filter size (inch): 4×4 / 4×5.565 h / 5×5 / 4×5.65 h
  • Max. filter number: 2 filters, thereof 1 rotatable
  • Connection diameter (mm): 95 / 100 / 110

*(F = mm)

MB 450 product family

The MatteBox 450 is available in eight Versions. It is suitable for all compact cameras and Camcorders with large sensor, 1 to 3 filterstages.

  • Max. wide angle focal* (1/3″ HD Chip):
  • MB450 W super wide and MB450 R1 = 2.6 (3.6 XDCAM), 12 DX, 35mm 16
  • MB 450 R2 = 3.1 (4.0 XDCAM)
  • MB 450 R3 = 4.0 (5.2 XDCAM)
  • Multi format 4:3 und 16:9: SD, HD
  • Filter size (inch): 4×5.65 / 4×4
  • Max. Filter number, rotatable: R1: 1, R2: 2, R3: 3
  • Connection diameter (mm): 114/110  (130 super wide)

*(F = mm)

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Light Weight
Supports (LWS)

Confortable solutions for many camera sizes.

Light Weight Support 401-C700 for Canon C700

Light Weight Support 401-FS5 for Sony PXW-FS5

Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA for Canon EOS C300 Mark II

401-FS7 Light Weight Support (LWS) for Sony PXW-FS7

401-450HD Light Weight Support 15 HD Allround

The LWS 15 HD Allround (401-450HD) is only available from Chrosziel. It is unique adjustable. From the body size of a Canon C500 onward to the tiny Blackmagic design Pocket Camera all cameras with optical axis between 26.5 and 72.5mm fit. An always updated camera list tells how to use the right screws and spacers.

  • Adjustable for any camera with optical height betw. 26.5 a. 72.5mm (distance betw. lens center and camera bottom)
  • For e.g.: Sony PMW-F3, F5/F55, FS 100/FS 700, Canon EOS C100/C300/C500
  • Ø 15mm rods, length 310mm, double rod guidance and clamp

401-50 Light Weight Support Sony Universal

Light Weight Support Sony Universal (401-50) for HD & Digital ENG cameras. The V-mount adapter on the bottom is compatible with the tripod adapters supplied by the camera manufacturer.

  • Vertically and laterally adjustable rod holder
  • Incl. 2 rods Ø 15mm, length 205 mm

401-97 Light Weight Support Panasonic Universal

This light weight support (401-89C) is designed specifically for the Panasonic EB Cameras. Also this LWS has got a V-mount adapter on the bottom which is compatible with the tripod adapters supplied by the camera manufacturer.

  • New and shorter plate
  • Single-hand clamp, 4 countersunk screws
  • Also fits the cameras AG-HPX600, AJ-PX5000
  • With 2 rods Ø 15 mm, lenth 205 mm
  • Also available without rods (401-97-02)

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Light Weight Supports (LWS) is available in our store.

Schärfezieheinrichtungen & Fluid-Zoomantriebe

Schärfezieheinrichtungen und Fluid-Zoomantriebe, die
den höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen entsprechen.

StudioRig Cine

Das StudioRig Cine (204-01) übersetzt die Drehung am Handrad im Verhältnis 1:1 auf den Drehring des Objektivs. Dabei entspricht in etwa eine Drehung am Handrad dem Einstellbereich von nah bis unendlich. Weitere Anpassungen sind durch unterschiedliche Zahnraddurchmesser möglich.  Die Ausführungen mit QuickFit Anschluss (204-01-Q und 204-02Q)) schwenken von unten an die Stützrohre, ohne dass anderes Zubehör abgebaut werden muss.

  • Antriebszahnräder sind in den drei Zahnungen der Objektivhersteller erhältlich
  • Das neue VariLock 2 Handrad garantiert präzise Reproduzierbarkeit zweier Focus-Einstellungen mit variablen Endanschlägen und freier Drehbarkeit

DV StudioRig

Die Schärfenzieheinrichtung DV StudioRig (206-05S) für DV und HDV Camcorder ist kompakt, leicht und passt auf Leichtstützen mit Ø 15 mm Rohren. Speziell auf die Objektive abgestimmte Antriebszahnräder und Zahnkränze sorgen beständig für präzise Einstellungen und optimale Ausnutzung der Objektiv-Verstellwinkel.

  • DV StudioRig, Schärfenzieheinrichtung mit Skala (205-02), für einseitige Bedienung.
  • Für maximal Ø 115 mm (mit Zahnrad 206-12 gemessen)

DV StudioRig Plus

Für Präzision beim Schärfenziehen mit Autofokus oder elektronischer Fokus-Kontrolle. Das ergonomische Handrad bietet eine Aufnahme für eine flexible Welle sowie einen sicheren und angenehmen Griff.

  • Das DV StudioRig Plus mit VariLock II Funktion (206-60S) ermöglicht die wahlfreie Einstellung von zwei Endpositionen und damit größte Flexibilität über den gesamten Schärfenbereich.
  • Das DV Studio Rig Plus Photo (206-05SP) ist mit Umkehrgetriebe ausgestattet, welches das Schärfeziehen von Fotoobjektiven wie bei Standard Video/Cine-Objektiven ermöglicht.


Der Zoom Fluidantrieb (102-13): Einstellbare Fluiddämpfung für ruckfreie Zoomfahrten bei Video- und Filmobjektiven. Alle Produktvarianten leisten die gleiche Präzision im Antrieb. Einige Antriebe werden direkt am Objektiv angebracht, andere erfordern ein Stützsystem (Leichstütze mit Ø 15 mm Rohr).

  • Für die Verwendung auf Verschiebeplatten mit Ø 15 oder 19 mm Rohren sind die Verlängerungen EU15 und EU19 erhältlich.
  • Jeweils ein langer und ein kurzer Zoomhebel sinch im Lieferumfang enthalten.

Unser Komplettangebot zu unseren Produktgruppe
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QuickLock- &
Bridge Plates

For quick and secure camera connection.

401-150 QuickLock Plate

The patented QuickLock tripod adapter plate (401-150) connects the camera quickly and easily, and even after decades of use. In combination with the Chrosziel bridge plate (401-121) adjustment of the centre of gravity is very easy. Suitable for all cameras which are equipped with wedge plate connections (V-mount) in the front and a mounting bracket behind the shoulder support.

  • For many cameras, the solid connection to the tripod

401-121 Bridge Plate

Stable bridge plate with Ø 19mm rods. For all Chrosziel bridge plates: The various offsets of the optical axes can be compensated for by using the slotted holes.

  • Incl. Ø 19mm stainless steel or carbon fiber rods (rod centre to centre spacing 105 mm)
  • Rods from 440mm up to 720mm length
  • Attached to the Chrosziel QuickLock plate on the bridge plate 401-121, the lens is in the standard height for using MatteBoxes

401-F235 DigiCine Bridge Plate

Large Bridge plate for all major Digi-Cine cameras. Allows comfortable working from the tripod. Depending on the desired center of gravitiy, the camera can be moved smoothly back an forth with the sturdy slider. An extra long slider version allows to work with very long lenses.

  • For Sony F23/F35/F65
  • Incl. Ø 19mm stainless steel or carbon fiber rods
  • Rods up to 720mm lenth
  • The 401-F235 can be combined with the light weight supports type 401-4XX and the 401-FS7

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QuickLock- & Bridge Plates is available in our store.

Lens Supports & Adapter

Advanced flexibility!

401-49 Lens Support

The universal lens Support – fits Ø 15 and 19mm rods, from prime lens to heavy zoom lens – always the right solution!

  • With 3 support stands, intercombinable, lenght 14, 27 and 35mm
  • Combined with each other lenses with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
  • With QuickFit device for Ø15 LWS + 19 mm rods

401-10 Adapter

Fixed an adjustable Adapter from Ø 19mm rods to 15mm rods extended the flexibility. The adapter 401-10 is suitable for use the bridge plate with Ø 19mm rods (for StudioRig / Projector).

  • Clamps on Ø 19mm rods and holds devices with 15mm clamp

Our complete offer to our product group
Lens Supports & Adapter is available in our store.


Our products in all their diversity!


The articulating arm RAMBO (550-RA) is the best of its class and one of our most popular accessory. It stays and by its two-step clamping very comfortable in use. The fixation of the rotation of the ball pivots provides additional stability, when other arms fail due to a torque – RAMBO stays! The detachable 3/8″ thread is available as an accessory  (550-MA-38) if two 3/8″ threads are needed.

  • With two-step central clamp, 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads
  • The 3/8″ thread can be detached and then gives access to a further 1/4″ thread
  • The central clamp fixes first the articulation and secondly the ball pivot
  • The 90° slot is rotating and can be fixed


The Chrosziel CustomCage (700-00) is developed in cooperation with camera-operators for camera-operators. The modularity of the CusomCage offers the user maximum flexibility. Modular construction by various color-coded modules. The Custom Cage – depending on the Version – can be used for a variety of compact cameras(z.B. Article Nr. 700-10/-10/-20/-30/-40/-41/50).

  • Can be easily combined with the Chrosziel light weight supports
  • Also available as BLACK EDITION
  • Available with case for individual configuration

MultiPad 15

The new shoulderpad MultiPad 15 can be fixed laterally or straight behind the camera as well as underneath the camera body. MultiPad 15 turns every camera in a sholder mounted camera. One may add one of the various handles.

  • For mounting on Ø 15mm rods
  • MultiPad 15 – adjustable shoulderpad complete (3050)
  • MultiPad 15 – straight (3050-02)

Hand Grips

The ergonomically shaped Chrosziel hand grips (403-30) are attachable to all cameras and supports with the industry standard rosettes with Hirth-spacing and center M6 screw. Hand grips available with or without electric start/stop knob.

  • Extendable and angle adjustable on both sides
  • Hand piece made from genuine leather
  • The hand piece position on the cranked shaft may be varied between 240 – 400 mm (403-32)
  • Additional available: rod clamp with knob for camera start/stop signal (403-COFL)

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Convincing products from our partners.

We support our partners in the sales of their professional products in German-speaking countries. For years, Chrosziel have operated as a renowned distributor for the manufacturers Tiffen Filters, Schneider Optics, Easyrig and Flowcine.

For these manufacturers, we offer you following services:

  • Product consulting (by phone or on site at our premises)
  • Individual offers
  • Ordering with the manufacturer and order processing
  • Product shipping and billing via Chrosziel
  • Acceptance of smaller repair jobs of the manufacturer products, or repair service handled directly with the manufacturer


of the manufactures Schneider Optics and Tiffen

We distribute filters from the reputable American manufacturers Tiffen and Schneider Optics.

Because in certain situations, several different filters are used or a camera operator should have a choice of standard filters, our manufacturers have also put together complete filter kits.

Talk to us – we will be happy to advise you at phone 089-901 091-0 or info@chrosziel.de!

We only sell the filters in German-speaking countries.


The Swedish companies EASYRIG and Flowcine have maintained a close business relationship with Chrosziel GmbH for years. Through an extended cooperation and ongoing consultation with the manufacturers, we can draw on a high level of product knowledge and experience.

By means of demo devices from EASYRIG and Flowcine, we will be happy to show you the various products in our Chrosziel premises.

The selection of the matching EASYRIG camera carrying system should be checked before ordering in all aspects (with regard to the various technical components of your camera system). We recommend that you contact us before placing an order: info@chrosziel.de or Telephone +49 89 901 091-0.

We will be happy to advise you!

We only sell the EASYRIG and Flowcine products in German-speaking countries.