Professional Camera Accessories

Our PCA products support you reliably during production and ensure smooth operation of your camera and your cinematic equipment. MatteBoxes and sunshades, filter holders, fluid-zoom drives or support systems – our product portfolio offers a wide variety. Robust and reliable function and technology, durability as well as quality and precision distinguish our professional camera accessories. Our customer’s wishes are strongly integrated into our product development.

….for optical excellence!
…made in Germany!


For the rigorous demands of today‘s
cinematic productions.

MB 602 /SD 602

Studio MatteBox for film, HD Cinematography and television production, with 2 to 4 filterstages 6.6×6.6, ideally combines with all prime and zoom lenses up to 165mm outside diameter.

  • Max. wide angle focal*: S16 6 / S35 10 / KB 16 / SD 3.9 / HD 4.3
  • Format 16:9: S35
  • Filter size (inch): 6.6×6.6
  • Max. filter number: 4 filters, thereof 3 rotatable, with gear positioned
  • Connection diameter  (mm): 165 / 142.5

*(F = mm)

MB 415

Wide angle MatteBox, compact, for 2 filters with 4,3mm focal lenth. For the use on 2/3″ chip video cameras.

  • Max. wide angle focal*: S16 6 / S35 10 / Still 35mm 17 / SD 3.9 / HD 4.3
  • Multi-format 4:3 and 16:9: S16, S35, SD, HD
  • Filter size (inch): 4×4 / 4×5.565 h / 5×5 / 4×5.65 h
  • Max. filter number: 2 filters, thereof 1 rotatable
  • Connection diameter (mm): 95 / 100 / 110

*(F = mm)

MB 450 product family

The MatteBox 450 is available in eight Versions. It is suitable for all compact cameras and Camcorders with large sensor, 1 to 3 filterstages.

  • Max. wide angle focal* (1/3″ HD Chip):
  • MB450 W super wide and MB450 R1 = 2.6 (3.6 XDCAM), 12 DX, 35mm 16
  • MB 450 R2 = 3.1 (4.0 XDCAM)
  • MB 450 R3 = 4.0 (5.2 XDCAM)
  • Multi format 4:3 und 16:9: SD, HD
  • Filter size (inch): 4×5.65 / 4×4
  • Max. Filter number, rotatable: R1: 1, R2: 2, R3: 3
  • Connection diameter (mm): 114/110  (130 super wide)

*(F = mm)

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Light Weight
Supports (LWS)

Confortable solutions for many camera sizes.

Light Weight Support 401-C700 for Canon C700

Light Weight Support 401-FS5 for Sony PXW-FS5

Light Weight Support 401-C300MKIIA for Canon EOS C300 Mark II

401-FS7 Light Weight Support (LWS) for Sony PXW-FS7

401-450HD Light Weight Support 15 HD Allround

The LWS 15 HD Allround (401-450HD) is only available from Chrosziel. It is unique adjustable. From the body size of a Canon C500 onward to the tiny Blackmagic design Pocket Camera all cameras with optical axis between 26.5 and 72.5mm fit. An always updated camera list tells how to use the right screws and spacers.

  • Adjustable for any camera with optical height betw. 26.5 a. 72.5mm (distance betw. lens center and camera bottom)
  • For e.g.: Sony PMW-F3, F5/F55, FS 100/FS 700, Canon EOS C100/C300/C500
  • Ø 15mm rods, length 310mm, double rod guidance and clamp

401-50 Light Weight Support Sony Universal

Light Weight Support Sony Universal (401-50) for HD & Digital ENG cameras. The V-mount adapter on the bottom is compatible with the tripod adapters supplied by the camera manufacturer.

  • Vertically and laterally adjustable rod holder
  • Incl. 2 rods Ø 15mm, length 205 mm

401-97 Light Weight Support Panasonic Universal

This light weight support (401-89C) is designed specifically for the Panasonic EB Cameras. Also this LW