MatteBox MB 565

The new premium MatteBox!


horizontal adjustable up to +/- 5 mm
tilting up to +/- 18°


vertikal adjustable +/- 5 mm


Swing-away funktion


Lower support arm, available for Ø 15mm oder 19mm rods

Stay flexible!

Swing-Away arm with tilt function, clamping lever and ergonomic recessed grip.

The newly designed and stylish Swing-Away arm allows the user to work optimally with the MatteBox MB 565. Optionally available for use on Ø 15 mm or 19 mm rods.


Space for accessories.

Optional accessories and numerous individual components – aligned according to your wishes.

The user receives a MatteBox which can modularly and flexibly adapt to the requirements of the respective shooting as well as easily and quickly. In doing this, the user can choose from numerous individual components such as:

  • Top Accessory Mount mit adjustable 3/8″ Attachement Slider
    (e.g. distance measurement)
  • FoldableFrench Flag
  • Side Wings
  • and much more…



Accessory Mount with adjustable 3/8″ Attachement Slider (e.g. CineTape)


Rossetten für Handgriffe

Form follows function!

For example, with our rosettes for handles on the MB 565!

When developing the MatteBox MB 565, we placed great store on an attractive and perfectly shaped design. At the same time, our elegant and high-quality crafted rosettes are symbolic of the high quality of all Chrosziel products.

Always ready at hand.

Our high quality leather handgrips in a set: can be extended, rotated and pivoted, with rosette connection.

The handles of Chrosziel are available as an optional accessory to the MatteBox MB 565. They are furthermore ergonomically designed handpieces made of genuine leather. The handles are also universally adjustable to all cameras and mounts with the internationally used Hirth joint with M6 thread.


The Chrosziel leather handgrips in conjunction with the stylish and high-quality crafted rosettes.

Maintain your composure!

No matter with what lens – you are always standing in the right place!

We offer you different reduction rings to combine with the MB 565. The product easily clamps the Mattebox to different lenses. Available with the following outer diameters:

  • 104mm
  • 110mm
  • 114mm
  • 134mm
  • 136mm

One, two, three!

Freely expandable filter stages – each 360° rotatable.

The MatteBox is freely expandable from one to three filter stages, each 360° rotatable. Using less filter stages is easily possible at any time.



Filter stage easy to modify for 1 to 3 filters;  360° rotatable.


3 Reduzierringe sind in den KITs inklusive: Ø 150 auf: 136 mm, 114 mm, 104 mm


Hochwertiger Koffer mit Schaumstoffeinsatz für die MB 565.


Im KIT sind viele Zubehörteile und Einzelkomponenten inklusive. Abbildung zeigt Swing-Away MatteBox 565 Double (Art.-Nr. 565-05-KIT-19).

The KITS to suit your needs.

More flexibility in the production through tailor-made KITS for the MatteBox MB 565.

E. g. the Swing-Away MatteBox MB 565 Double (Art.-Nr. 565-05-KIT-15) for Cine FullFrame Cameras:

  • incl. French Flag (501-26)
  • 2 Filterholders multiformat 5.65×5.65/ 4×5.650 (510-06) each independently 360° rotatable
  • Clamp adapter with Ø 150mm, Swing-Away arm f. Ø 15mm (adjustable +/- 5mm hor./vert., tilting)
  • Pivot Mechanism set for left and right (565-00-12)
  • 1 set of Side Wings (410-200), 1 set of rosettes for handles (510-11)
  • Top Accessory Mount with adjustable Attachemnt Slider (565-00-11)
  • Filter Tray Catcher (51019)
  • 3 step-down rings Ø 150 to: 136mm (511136), 114mm (511-114), 104mm (511-104)
  • Tidily packaged and delivered in sturdy case.

You can find an overview of all available KITS of the MatteBox MB 565 in our online store.