Lens Testing Instruments –
back focus or flange depth.

Our equipment for the testing and checking of film and video lenses supports the smooth operation of your camera lenses. There are different measuring options to reliably determine that the flange focal distance is correct. Chrosziel has offered tested and proven technology for many years. With the Chrosziel collimator C-LTB MKII, the most accurate measurement results can be achieved.

With the newly developed Chrosziel projector MK6 (available from around Autumn 2015), the flange focal distance can also be checked. The projector also allows a visual check of a variety of parameters that make a statement on the quality of the checked optics. All proven features of its predecessor, MK5 are naturally incorporated into the new development of a MK6.

The Chrosziel test devices have proven themselves over many years, have been continuously further developed and are characterised by high precision and robustness.

Lens mounts and accessories

Completes our LTI products!

Chrosziel offers a variety of optics formats with corresponding mounts. The advantage: the mounts fit the collimator and the projector! An investment that pays off twice. Useful accessories like laser pointer or (wireless) remote control complete the LTI devices making the work for the lens service technician more comfortable.