Lens Control Motor for Freefly MoVi Pro Gimbal System: CDM-100M

Perfect focus, iris, zoom gimbal motor: lightweight, compact, energy efficient


97 grams = less than a chocolate bar


63 mm length & 19 mm diameter = small as a pinky

energy efficient

250 mAh at 22 V = power consumption lowered by 80 %

Molex MicroFit 3.0

Molex MicroFit 3.0 6-Pin connector = perfect for Freefly MoVi Pro gimbal

Spare parts – love to carry weight at gimbal systems

Gimbals are an absolute must have – especially when shooting highly dynamic image sequences. With the 3 axis gimbal it is possible to operate e.g. an ARRI Alexa Mini, a Red Weapon / Epic / Scarlet / Raven, Canon C300/500 or Sony FS5/FS7 without any camera shake. For long days shooting handheld with a gimbal it is crucial that the entire system is as lightweight as possible.


Weight without motor

Popular gimbal setup:

  • Gimbal Freefly Movi Pro: 5.84 lbs (2,65 kg)
  • Camera ARRI Alexa Mini: 4.91 lbs (2,3 kg )
  • Lens ARRI K2.47315.0 Ultra Prime 28/T1.9M: 3.31 lbs (1,5 kg)

Total weight of this setup: approx. 14.33 lbs (6,5 kg).

Weight with motor

If the motor control is included – cf. MoVi Pro gimbal – there is a need for up to three motors for lens control (focus, iris, zoom). By using three CDM-100M (including gear, cable and clamp) with each 0.29 lbs (135 grams) you only have to add 0.89 lbs (405 grams) to the setup.

The total weight is 15.21 lbs (6,9 kg).


The total weight of a setup with three conventional motors (including gear, clamp and cable) on average is 1.05 lbs (478 grams) is 17.42 lbs (7.9 kg).

If a gimbal system without an integrated motor control is used, the weight for additional accessories must be added as well.

Lightweight, energy efficient, and versatile: Chrosziel CDM-100M

This is the reason why Chrosziel is absolutely committed to designing the CDM-100M consistently for compact dimensions and weight reduction.

With a length of 63 mm, a diameter of 19 mm and 97 grams, the Gimbal motor is extremely compact and lightweight. The integrated cable including the Molex MicroFit 3.0 6-pin connector saves additional weight. It can be conveniently connected to the camera stage to control focus, iris and / or zoom via the Freefly MoVi Controller, Freefly Mimic or Freefly Pilot.

With a power consumption of only 250 mAh at 24 V the CDM-100M requires at least 80 percent less energy than other commercially available motors.

Chrosziel supports operators of gimbal systems that require a special motor for optics in a light setup. This makes it possible to carry gimbal systems for a long time without fatigue and while saving a lot of battery power.

Chrosziel cdm-100M Molex gear D40 D60

The scope of delivery includes two mod 0.8 gears with 40 and 60 mm diameter and one cable including connector. Also, included is a clamp which ensures a non-slip seat of the motor on 15 and 19 mm diameter rods through a captive reduction mechanism.

Always well balanced with the CDM-100M

At Cine Gear Expo 2017 AbelCine and Chrosziel showcased a setup: Freefly MoVi Pro gimbal, a Sony FS7 and three motors CDM-100M with a Cine lens of the Fujinon MK series. The system was perfectly balanced without any counter weights (see video on the left side).

The second video comes from Vienna and Budapest based Progressive Productions. They show how to set-up a Freefly Movi Pro gimbal system with Chrosziel CDM-100M motors.

Learn even more with focus, iris, zoom gimbal motor CDM-100M videos

CDM-100M: settings / setup

CDM-100M: motor calibration

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