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User Stories

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4K Cine Lens Zooming, Without Another Mortgage!

First test of the servo motor CDM-MK-Z for Fujinon MK lenses by Salisbury, Wiltshire UK based Lighting Cameraman & Steadicam Operator John E Fry BA (hons) from Fryfilm Productions Ltd.
19. December 2017/by Kurt Mueller

Smooth zoom curves are filmmakers best friend

Chrosziel product specialist Timm Stemann visited Uli Mors in Dortmund to develop and test zoom curves for the Fujinon MK zoom motorization.
9. November 2017/by Kurt Mueller

On earth or in the air: keeping FIZ under control

A short glance at Jeeper Screepers part 3. DP Ari Golan reports why he used the Chrosziel CDM-100M digital motor with Freefly Movi Pro on set.
30. October 2017/by Kurt Mueller

Quite best friends: Alain & his MatteBox

Since 1996 Alain Jongen has his Chrosziel Mattebox still in use. In the article, he tells us more about his daily companion.
17. August 2017/by Kurt Mueller

Girl on Ice in Murmansk

During the shoot of the film ‘Girl on Ice’ in Murmansk Chrosziel LCS units were confronted by inhospitable environments. Here are the results.
15. July 2017/by Kurt Mueller

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

The producers of the trailblazing movie “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” used Chrosziel to make the story happen in native 3D and 4K resolution at 120fps.
2. June 2017/by Fatme Muratova

Full control of tilt lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach developed film lenses that can focus and tilt. In their test, they proved that just one Chrosziel MagNum wireless FIZ supports both.
11. May 2017/by Made in Germany

Shooting in the middle of nowhere

No matter if the shoot is in a remote location or on a tight schedule. Tino counted on Chrosziel products and support.
20. February 2017/by Made in Germany

A clear view without glare and flare

Although the German Jan Balster set the sails to America long time ago, he still trusts in German products. Why?
17. February 2017/by Made in Germany

Coach PAMZ: touchdown with MagNum

The fast moves of the players were a great challenge for the 1AC. With the MagNum the mission was successfully accomplished.
16. February 2017/by Made in Germany