Terms & Conditions

Free drawing of complimentary tickets for 2017 ECA events in the USA


Chrosziel GmbH

Klausnerring 6
85551 Kirchheim b. München

Partner New York


330 W 38th Street (ground floor)
New York, NY 10018

Partner Atlanta

PC&E Atlanta

2235 DeFoor Hills Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30318

Partner Chicago

Atomic Imaging, Inc./Golan Studios

1501 N. Magnolia Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642

Terms & Conditions

By participating in the raffle, the participants agree on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Organizer and scope

The free drawing of the complimentary tickets (max. 4 per city) for the 2017 ECA events in New York, Atlanta and Chicago are hosted by the above-mentioned organizer and partners. The raffle is neither linked, organized or sponsored by Facebook Inc. nor the Los Angeles based organizers of the 2017 Emerging Cinematographer Awards International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600. The provided information (i.e. likes and comments) will be used to contact the winners. The organizer and partners will keep your personal data confidentially and won’t pass it to any third parties.

  1. Eligibility

Eligible are at least 18 years old working in cinematography or film making, either as producers, DPs, ACs, camera operators or any other professions closely linked with it. Every participant of the raffle may post more than one time, but spamming at our Facebook and Instagram walls will cause a permanent block.

  1. Participation

The participation in the raffle is free of charge and independent from the acquisition of goods or services. The duration of the raffle may vary from town to town and will exactly defined by the ECA postings of the organizer and partners. Organizers and partners are not responsible in any way for lost comments or likes, comments or likes that are posted after the deadline or any malfunctions caused by Facebook or any third parties inflicting the functionality of the internet or the internet connection. To participate in the raffle the user must comment on the ECA postings at the Facebook or Instagram walls of Chrosziel and the partners. Among all participants that meet the above-mentioned conditions the organizer and the partners will draw a maximum of 4 tickets per town. Further services, e.g. shuttle to the venue, food and beverages, accommodation is not part of the raffle and must be organized by the participant him- or herself.

  1. Determining the winner and prize

The winners will be randomly selected from the TOP postings and will be notified by answering the comment at the Facebook and Instagram walls of organizer and partners. The prize includes a maximum of 4 tickets per town for the 2017 ECA ceremonies in New York, Atlanta and Chicago. The tickets are transferable, but cannot be disbursed or exchanged. The tickets will be transferred to the winner at the headquarter of the partners (address mentioned above). The winner agrees to take a photo with a Chrosziel GmbH representative and / or partner that is used for a ECA posting (e.g. “the proud winner is”) at the Chrosziel GmbH social media channels at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If the winner fails to notify Chrosziel GmbH or the partners within 10 hours, the prize will be forfeited and he or she won’t have any claim. Organizer and partners reserves the right to pass on the tickets to another participant.

  1. Termination

Chrosziel GmbH reserves the right to terminate the raffle at any time without prior notice for important reasons. Important reasons are e.g. technical or legal reasons that make it impossible to ensure the proper performance of the raffle. A liability against participants of the raffle is excluded. In the case that the termination of the raffle has been caused by the intentional conduct of a participant, Chrosziel GmbH will make him or her liable for any damages.

  1. General Conditions

If individual provisions of the Terms & Conditions are or may become invalid, the effectiveness of the Terms & Conditions shall remain unaffected. The judges’ decision is final and no cash prizes will be awarded. These conditions of participation and the entire legal relationship between the participants, the Chrosziel GmbH and the partners are exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  1. Liability

Chrosziel GmbH makes the highest efforts to provide correct and up-to-date information. Despite the greatest care, no guarantee is given for the correctness and completeness of the contents of the websites listed here and / or these terms of participation.