IBC 2017 – Complimentary Breakfast in Amsterdam

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Broodjeszaak De Nieuwe Rai
Europaplein 1
1078 GS Amsterdam


  • Saturday, September 16 from 8am until 10.30am

  • Sunday, September 17 from 8am until 10.30am

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Meet with Harm Abrahams, Timm Stemann, and Sebastian Merkel

Harm Abrahams

Harm Abrahams CEO Chrosziel

Timm Stemann

Timm Stemann Product Specialist Chrosziel
Product Specialist

Sebastian Merkel

Sebastian Merkel Senior Sales Manager Chrosziel
Senior Sales Manager

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The Venue: Broodjeszaak – De Nieuwe RAI

The sandwich shop “Broodjeszaak – De Nieuwe Rai” was founded as a family business in 1963. As the RAI (“RijWiel en Automobiel Industrie” – i.e. “Bicycle and Auto / Car Industry”) area got bigger the number of customers visiting the shop grew. Besides, a catering service for the people on the RAI was established as well.

Since her early childhood the today’s owner Simone was involved in the sandwich business. Finally, she took over the business from her parents and grand-parents 10 years ago. The “Broodjeszaak – De Nieuwe Rai” team consists of her, her husband Robbie and 6 to 13 (at IBC) employees – some of them are working for 38 years with the owner’s family, like Mila.

The shop is famous for the French fries – awarded the prize for “The best fries 2016 in Amsterdam” – its meatballs, salads, French toasts and pancakes with fruit and the omelets.