One of the first cinematographers to use the Chrosziel CDM-100M digital motor with a Freefly MōVi Pro was the US-based owner of Atomic Imaging, producer, DP, and drone pilot Ari Golan. He was involved in the production of “Jeepers Creepers 3,” part of the famous horror movie franchise – the first two parts of which set box office records for a Labor Day release and have a cult following.

Ari Golan says: “I had liked the originals, and was asked to get involved with the third part. And it was a lot of fun. Finally, I ended up being a person with a multiple personality – somehow being one of the Executive Producers, Camera Operator, MōVi Pro Operator, Flowcine Black Arm tech, and Aerial DP/Drone Pilot. On set, we faced different and often changing weather conditions: a lot of rain, heat, and humidity.”

On set at jeepers creepers

1st AC Ian Henderson with Magnum and 2nd AC Heather Heidman

Due to image quality, portability, and cost the team, consisting of two camera operators, two 1st ACs, two 2nd ACs and one loader, chose to use two Arri Alexa XTs, one Arri Alexa Mini, and three Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K cameras. Ari Golan continues: “Both on the ground and up in the air, the Freefly MōVi Pro was always used with the CDM-100M digital motors. The MagNum remote lens control was used to pull focus and iris on the cameras whenever we were on the dolly. When I first handed the CDM-100 motor to my AC, Ian, he asked me for the 15mm adaptor. When I showed him how the universal mount had it incorporated into the mount and just slid into place, his reaction, with a giant loving smile at the motor, was: ‘Ahhhh… where have you been all of my life!?’”

Ari Golan adds: “Using the Chrosziel Motors directly interfacing with the MōVi Remote Controller, we were able to use the long-range capabilities of the MōVi to control the FIZ while flying it on an Alta 8 Octocopter heavy lifter Drone. When flying the Alexa Mini, the Arri WCU4 wireless control was not sufficient to fly with. And the Arri motors are not compatible with the MōVi Pro like the Chrosziel CDM-100Ms are. In total, the Chrosziel equipment proved its reliability and multi-compatibility very well.”

From left to right: 1st AC Ian Henderson, Ari Golan, 2nd AC Heather Heidman

Ari Golan was born in Chicago. After graduating high school as an IL State Scholar and National Merit Student with class honors he switched his field of study and received two bachelor’s degrees – one in Film/Television and the other in Communication in only three years while simultaneously completing the graduate telecommunications program as an undergrad. He was the first undergrad permitted to teach a course in filmmaking to his fellow U of M classmates and again graduated with class honors on the Dean’s List.

After college, Ari continued his studies at the Sony Video Institute on the campus of the American Film Institute in Hollywood. He then went on to Arriflex & Panavision camera training in Ojai, CA., later receiving additional certifications in HDTV and Underwater Cinematography as well as becoming an accomplished aerial cinematographer. In 1985, Ari opened Golan Productions, a full-service film and television production facility. In 1992, serving as its Executive Creative Director, he separated the Animation, Visual FX and Interactive Media departments of Golan Productions into a new company, Atomic Imaging, which expanded internationally. In 1996, Ari co-founded JAM-TV, the first live concert video streaming company on the Internet.

Ari’s career has spanned from feature films and television programs to documentaries, live events, and commercials, for which he has received numerous awards for directing, cinematography, and visual effects. Ari’s clients and projects have ranged from Netflix, MTV, VH1, AOL Television, Warner Bros., NBC, and TNN to Yo Yo Ma’s Silkroad Tour, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s 100 yr. Anniversary, and The Rolling Stones Bridges to Babylon.

Additionally, he directs the live video for all of the major Chicago summer music festivals – Blues Fest, Jazz Fest and Taste of Chicago. As a further exaCDM-100M golan studios atomic imagingmple of Ari’s extensive directorial experience, he has also directed comedic television programs that include “Evening at the Improv” for Arts & Entertainment, “Comedy on the Road” and “Sports Night at the Improv”, “Almost Live with Jonathan Brandmeier”, as well as the pilots “The Living Room” with Tina Faye & the Improv Olympics and “After Dark with Joe Piscopo” for NBC. Ari’s work in feature films include “The Exorcist-The Beginning”, “Richie Rich”, “Ground Hog Day”, “Return to Me”, “Tony Bravo”, “Radius”, “Butterscotch & Chocolate”, “Dhoom 3”, “Caretaker”, “Prank’d”, “Hobbit 2” and “Jeepers Creepers 3”.

Ari is the co-founder of the Hollywood Camera Work Seminar series and travels the world teaching Cinematography and Visual Effects to both independent production personnel as well as major studios including Lucas Film/ILM, Dreamworks, Disney Toon Studios, and Weta Digital. As part of this endeavor, he has just returned from New Zealand after consulting for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit 2”.

He is on the board of advisers of the Illinois Institute of Art, providing counseling for their Filmmaking, Visual Effects, and Animation programs. In addition, he is frequently asked to speak at various universities and industry events. To give back to his community, Ari actively supports Adaptive Adventures, a non-profit organization for children and wounded veterans with physical disabilities as well as Bright Pink and Kids Fight Cancer.

Further information on Ari Golan’s website.