Get free tickets for Cinec 2012, check out our great new products
Ultimate camera accessories: New Chrosziel products at Cinec 2012 - get a free ticket! mehr

A universal light-weight support and other product innovations presented at NAB show
We have introduced a new generation of light-weight supports, extended the features of our remote lens-control system ALADIN MK II, added lens supports to adapters and created a new adapter ring to properly connect the MatteBox 456 Academy with Sony's new zoom lens for the PMW-F3. mehr

Chrosziel prefers carbon fiber, new accessories for Sony PMW-F3 and Canon EOS C300
Chrosziel has excellent news for the backs of cameramen: 19 mm carbon fiber (CF) tubes now come at the same price as their steel counterparts. A pair of CF tubes saves more than a pound of weight - 553 grams, to be exact - when compared to steel tubes. mehr

Supports and MatteBox kits for Reds Epic and Scarlet, Panasonic HDC-Z10.000, Canon EOS C300
Chrosziel's light-weight support LWS 401-95 fits both new Red cameras. It is equipped with 205 mm long rods with a diameter of 15 mm. For large and heavy lenses, we recommend to use the LWS 401-95 as an adaptor for bridge plate 401-F235 with 19 mm rods. mehr

Sony starts shipping SR-R1, optional Sony accessories required for Chrosziel R1 Mount
There is a simple, secure and flexible way of mounting Sony's new SR-R1 Memory Recorder when your camera is not compatible with Sony's standard battery mount: the Chrosziel R1 Mount. mehr

Chrosziel signs exclusive distribution deal in China
Effective from January 1st, distribution of Chrosziel products in the People’s Republic of China is managed exclusively by Shanghai Transvision Photographic, manufacturer of KIPON brand products. mehr

Canon EOS C300 accessories, the new collimator, and a happy Emmy Award winner
Canon recently unveiled the EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera. It will be available in two models. The EOS C300 comes with an EF mount, and is scheduled for release in January 2012. mehr

Chrosziel at IBC 2011: Polystyrene, Aladin MK II and the Carbon Age
Chrosziel will introduce many product upgrades and innovations at IBC 2011 in Amsterdam. These are some of the highlights: mehr

Light-weight support for new Sony Camcorders NEX-FS100 and PMW-F3
Chrosziel offers specially made accessories for Sony‘s new camcorder NEX-FS100E, which will become available between July and September this year. mehr

NAB Show 2011: Chrosziel introduces R1 Mount for the new Sony SR-R1 Memory Recorder
In close collaboration with Sony, Chrosziel has developed the R1 Mount. If you are looking for a simple, secure and flexible way of mounting the SR-R1 Memory Recorder, and your camera is not compatible with Sony`s standard battery mount, Chrosziel offers the perfect solution. mehr

Chrosziel`s new Widgets
Informations on the new Accessory Clamp DSLR 3310 and on the Adapter Plate Sachtler 401-400-CDS, which allows for the use of standard video accessories on top of the new Sachtler Cine DSLR Fluidhead. mehr

Accessories for Cine-Xenar lenses and sales partnership with Schneider-Kreuznach ISCO Division
Packages for the original Canon EOS 7D and FGV 7D with PL mount. mehr

News from Chrosziel: DSLR Accessories and the Conversion to Carbon Design
New Informations about our three new Products for DSLR cameras and changes of the MatteBox housings. mehr

New Variable Support Rods, Chrosziel VariTube
All MatteBoxes using 15 mm support rods can now be perfectly placed in front of the lens with the VariTube® telescopic rod. mehr

New Chrosziel Swing-Away-System
All MatteBoxes and SunShades for 15mm rods can now be equipped with the patented Chrosziel Direct Swing-Away-System DSW©. mehr

Chrosziel’s 5th participation at Broadcast India 2009
Since 2004, Chrosziel has shown their products at Broadcast India, for the first time in 2008 at their own booth. mehr

Chrosziel´s Autumn News
As a tradition, Chrosziel introduces their new equipment in April (NAB) and September (IBC). This autumn, the company presents two new MatteBoxes; a new Follow Focus with quick locking mechanism for cine respectively video lenses and a LightWeight Support for the new JVC GY-HM100; furthermore, a universal lens support for DSLR lenses and the DSLR-version of the follow focus with VariLock for the DSLR cameras. mehr

Chrisziel Press Release EX-3 Fine Tuning
Chrosziel launches the first dished-end camera plate for Sony’s successful EX-3 camcorder. mehr

Chrosziel prove their competence in digital cinematography, new accessories for Sony F35 / F23

Chrosziel goes red and presents their new accessories for the RED ONE cameras at NAB
Especially for the RED ONE, Chrosziel now offers an accessory packet consisting of three MatteBoxes and a support system with 19 mm rods and Bridge Plate. mehr

Chrosziel expand their accessories for video shooting with DSLR cameras

80% less weight - Chrosziel rods go carbon

Chrosziel Accessories for Video Shooting with DSLR Cameras
First tests with the DSLR cameras have been made and the cameramen reported their wishes for accessories to Chrosziel – they immediately reacted by adapting their camcorder Light Weight Supports. mehr

Chrosziel presents at IBC: Remote Dimmer and 6 new MatteBoxes
At this year’s IBC, Chrosziel approaches the users of HDV Camcorders. mehr

Chrosziel with a new Sales Manager
Chrosziel GmbH expands its sales organisation. Starting on August 1st 2008, Sebastian Merkel (45) strengthens the sales team of the company. mehr