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Hand wheel 201-55 with new VariLock 2 system (left), and Nikon D800 All-round kit 206-D800BKIT featuring DV StudioRig plus with VariLock 2 (right)
Hand wheel 201-55 with new VariLock 2 system (left), and Nikon D800 All-round kit 206-D800BKIT featuring DV StudioRig plus with VariLock 2 (right)

Chrosziel invites you to Cinec 2012 which will take place in Munich from 22 - 24 September 2012. Check out our latest product releases at the Chrosziel stand A01 in hall 3. Call Simone Mialhe at +49 89 90 10 91 0, or send an email to now and get a free ticket for the Cinec 2012!

These are some of the many product innovations we recently launched:

Nikon D800 accessory kits

Reliability, precision and ease-of-use are top priorities for Chrosziel camera accessories. Case in point: our two new kits for the Nikon D800.

The Nikon D800 starter kit (206-D800AKIT) includes a light-weight support, a follow focus, a focus drive and a flexible gear ring.

  • Light-weight support LWS Nikon D800 (401-421N) is exactly adjusted to the Nikon‘s height. It offers anti-twist protection which helps lock photo cameras securely into place - they typically come with only one tripod thread. You can mount additional accessories using the ¼“ threads, fit a shoulder pad to the slot at the bottom or handle bars to the rods.
  • The new follow focus DV StudioRig plus (206-60S) can be used with larger lens diameters (up to 130 mm) than its predecessor. The hand wheel now offers two variable end stops by using the new VariLock 2-function - which is extremely helpful especially when using photo lenses, because many have no firm stops for „infinite“ and „close-up“. Read more about the new hand wheel featuring VariLock 2 below.
  • The small focus drive (206-14) ensures smooth and precise focus pulling. It translates the slight rotation of the focus ring at the lens (e.g. at the 24-70 1:2.8 zoom) to an almost full rotation on the hand wheel of the DV StudioRig plus.
  • The new FlexiGearRing MK II (206-30) also has seen significant improvement. Its extremely smooth rolling characteristics now totally match those of a solid ring. Chrosziel has optimized gear geometry, material and surface properties. The FlexiGearRing MK II fits lens diameters from 60 mm to 120 mm, and requires no tools. It is a perfect companion for Chrosziel‘s legendary Fluid-Zoom-Drive Cine (102-13).

The starter kit 206-D800AKIT costs €1,443.50 Euros (ex works)

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The Nikon D800 All-round kit (206-D800BKIT) includes a matte box, an insert ring and a handle in addition to the items contained in the starter kit.

  • MatteBox 450R2 (450-R21) is equipped with a multi-format filter holder for sizes 4x4“ and 4x5.650“ at the front and size 4x4“ at the back - both are rotating. This way, the matte box fits full format 35 mm with a wide-angle up to 18 mm.
  • The adapter ring (410-80P) has an 80 mm inner diameter and a 25 mm tube. It fits all three Nikkor 1:2.8 zoom lenses. The tube covers the zoom lens stroke.

The All-round kit 206-D800BKIT costs €2,463.50 Euros (ex works)

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Hand wheel (201-55) with VariLock 2 for StudioRig Cine / Video

Chrosziel‘s new hand wheel for StudioRig Cine and Video featuring the new VariLock 2 system (201-55) helps to make camera work more efficient and precise. You can set two independent end stops at any position you like. It‘s simple and fast, and very helpful especially when using photo lenses without end stops at „infinite“ and „close-up" position. And if a lens does have these stops, you simply release the stops of VariLock 2 to let the hand wheel run free. The new hand wheel from now on can be ordered as a standard element of StudioRig Cine and StudioRig Video.

You can upgrade any current Chrosziel follow focus with the new hand wheel featuring VariLock 2. On the other hand, StudioRig Cine and StudioRig Video are also still available with the classic hand wheel (you save €25 Euros). The hand wheel 201-55 with VariLock 2 costs €395 Euros (ex works).

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MatteBox MB 450 for 114 mm lenses

Chrosziel‘s MB 450 family of matte boxes is the standard for compact camcorders and DSLR cameras. They now feature a new mount which allows for extending the standard lens diameter of 110 mm to 140 mm by simply unscrewing an intermediate ring. Now, the MB 450‘s can also be used with lenses like the Sony Primes, Zeiss CP II, and the new Canon Cine Style Primes. The improvement comes at no extra cost, the prices for Chrosziel‘s MB 450‘s remain unchanged. The MB 450 R2 (450-R21) for example still only costs €845 Euros (ex works).

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Light-weight support LWS HD for Sony NEX FS700

Chrosziel offers a new light-weight support for Sony‘s flagship camcorder. The LWS HD for Sony NEX FS700 (401-431HD) has a base plate specially designed for the FS700. It has an additional support for its 15 mm rods. The basic rods are 310 mm long, they can be extended to 500 mm using the additional 190 mm rods which are included in the package. The LWS 401-431HD costs ex works €345 (ex works).

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DV StudioRig: The new follow focus for tight budgets

Many who start to shoot film professionally are running on a tight budget. Chrosziel‘s new DV StudioRig (206-05S) for lens diameters up to 100 mm offers a version which is as precise as the ultimate follow focus. It has the exact same gearing as the industry benchmark DV StudioRig plus, thereby ensuring the smoothest zooming imaginable. But it leaves out the extras like the special soft-touch rubber of the hand wheel, the VariLock 2-function and the option to connect cranks or flexible shafts. The DV StudioRig 206-05S costs only €595 Euros (ex works).

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