Chrosziel´s Autumn News

As a tradition, Chrosziel introduces their new equipment in April (NAB) and September (IBC). This autumn, the company presents two new MatteBoxes; a new Follow Focus with quick locking mechanism for cine respectively video lenses and a LightWeight Support for the new JVC GY-HM100; furthermore, a universal lens support for DSLR lenses and the DSLR-version of the follow focus with VariLock for the DSLR cameras.

MB 450 R2 Super Wide
as SunShade clamped on the lens.

The MatteBox Series 450 for 1/3“ chip cameras will be enlarged by the MB 450 R2 Super Wide. It is equipped with two rotating filterstages for 4x5.65” filters, SunShade function with 130mm clamping, as well as connector for 15 mm support systems. The Super Wide works unrestrictedly from 3.3 mm focal length. In its “super light weight” SunShade version, it can be used up to 16 mm wide angle on cameras with 35mm Academy format. RRP is € 1.140.

MatteBox 456 Academy

MatteBox 456 Academy is a new development. The new housing dimensions and the possibility to use 3 rotating 5x5” filter stages allow the unrestricted use of Cine and DigiCine lenses from 14 mm wide angle onward. The filterstages are designed to not rotate each time the respective rear stage is rotated. Just like the MB 450 R2 Super Wide, the MB 456 Academy is equipped with a combined connector for 15mm rods and the SunShade function with a 130 mm clamp adaptor. The RRP of € 1.600 aligns with the RED accessories.

Follow Focus Studio Rig QF

The two follow focus versions Studio Rig QF Cine, Studio Rig QF Video are equipped with a QuickFit connector for 15mm rods. They come with an interface allowing the use of a 19mm adaptor. The QuickFit connector slips onto the support rods from below - no need to dismantle other accessories. It is fixed with a quick turn of the excenter, the focus gear swings on the lens - ready! The RRP of € 1.822 € for the QF version is only € 20 higher than for the standard versions.

Chrosziel MB 450 R2 Kit
for JVC GY-HM100E

AJust in time for the start of the new JVC Camcorder GY-HM100, Chrosziel has developed the respective LightWeight Support and also a MatteBox Kit with special Light Prevention Ring. The price for the LightWeight Support 401-423 is € 290 (RRP), just like for all DV Light Weight Supports, the Kit 450R2-JVCHM1KIT consisting of support, MatteBox and Light Prevention Ring amounts to € 1.315,- € (RRP).

Objektivstütze Universal Photo
for DSLR videographie

The universal Lens Support 401-33 for DSLR lenses is necessary as soon as telephoto lenses are used that usually are fixed on their own tripod connector and carry the camera. In that case, the optical axis of lens and MatteBox are different. This would mean that with every lens change, the respective height would have to be adjusted. The LensSupport Universal Photo mounts on a static point under the lens and supports lenses with diameters between 50 and 120 mm. RRP: € 224,-

Chrosziel Follow Focus
for DSLR lenses with VariLock hand wheel

MWith the follow focus device Studio Rig Photo VariLock, two focal planes can be fixed with mechanical stops. This allows precise focus pulling especially for DSLR lenses with deactivated autofocus and without mechanical end stops. The VariLock hand wheel prevents from exceeding the end markings of the lens ring. Due to the reverse gear, precise and reproducible focus pulling just like for video cameras is achieved. The Studio Rig Photo VariLock 206-45S is available for € 1.414 (RRP).

Chrosziel GmbH, 06.09.2009
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