Chrisziel Press Release EX-3 Fine Tuning

First Support f. Sony EX-3 with form-fit cameraplate from Chrosziel
First Support f. Sony EX-3 with form-fit cameraplate from Chrosziel

Chrosziel launches the first dished-end camera plate for Sony’s successful EX-3 camcorder

The relatively small tripod attachment of the EX-3 has prompted various suggestions for improvement. Some of them have been realised by the different suppliers, however, either the shoulder pad had to be dismounted or the camera itself had to be manipulated resulting in breach of warranty. Sony now offers a version with 2 threads, however, does not remedy the constructional weakness of the camera’s base part.

With their experience in accessory development, Chrosziel has designed a form-fit dished-end camera plate that considerably enlarges the contact surface to the camera. It thus distributes holding forces beyond the thread areas, providing twist protection and safe hold of the camera. The form-fit plate takes into account the screw sticking out the camera's base: a cut-out in the plate prevents the camera from damage and ensures perfect contact between the camera base and the plate of the Chrosziel support.

The DV Light Weight Support for the EX-3 (401-422) comes as a single version for € 310 (recommended retail price). The package consisting of Support, MatteBox 450R2 and light prevention ring for EX-3 costs € 1.320, just like all Chrosziel camera “Kits”. Owners of an existing Chrosziel DV Light Weight Support can retrofit using the camera platform 401-422P for € 109 (recommended retail price); it consists of the new plate, screws and the respective distance bolts and mounts after undoing the existing screws.

And another accessory for Sony EX-3 and EX-1: The Gear Ring Segment allowing the use of Fluid Zoom Drives on these cameras. The position of the grip of the motor zoom drive does not allow the classic way of mounting a gear drive. Chrosziel has developed a Gear Segment covering 143° and made of high-strength aluminium. It mounts on the lens' ring instead of the little knob located there and ensures highly precise and sensitive manual zoom adjustment. The Gear Ring Segment (206-29) costs € 112.

All prices are recommended retail prices ex. VAT.

Chrosziel GmbH, 14.07.2009
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