Chrosziel goes red and presents their new accessories for the RED ONE cameras at NAB

Chrosziel MatteBox 805 R for 19mm Rods
Chrosziel MatteBox 805 R for 19mm Rods

Especially for the RED ONE, Chrosziel now offers an accessory packet consisting of three MatteBoxes and a support system with 19 mm rods and Bridge Plate. There is one product for every shooting situation and every price level.

The new Bridge Plate with 19 mm rods puts the RED ONE in the correct optical position. Tests on the so far delivered cameras have shown that there are slight differences in the housing dimensions. The MatteBoxes for the RED ONE compensate these differences by means of a height adjustment on the Swing-Away arm.

The MatteBox 840 R2 is the most versatile with its double rotating filterstage and its two identical multiformat filterholders for 4x5.65" horizontal and 5x5". Both rotate independently, height adjustment is also independent. Lens change is very easy due to the Swing-Away-System. The MB 840 R2 mounts directly without adapter on the supports with 19mm rods. An additional Clamp Adapter with tool-free exchange against the Swing-Away arm mounts the MatteBox directly on the lens if necessary.  The maximum lens diameter is 142.5 mm, smaller diameters use rubber bellows and retaining rings. For shots with 5x5" filters, cine lenses from 10 mm focal length onwards can be used, with 4x5.65" filters the start is from 14 mm.

New at  NAB from Chrosziel - Bridgeplate and  3 new MatteBoxes for RED One Cameras

The MB 805 is a standard for cine or video production - the MatteBox 805 RED version also fits directly without adapter on supports with 19 mm rods. It comes with a fixed first filterstage and a second rotating and exchangeable. The fixed stage is equipped with multiformat filterholders for 4x4" and 4x5.65" horizontal, the second with multiformat 5x5" and 4x5.65" horizontal. In this combination all cine lenses from 10 mm focal length onwards can be used without restriction; with only the first one, even 9 mm works! Insert masks further reduce stray light for focal lengths > 11, 24, 42, 65 and 100 mm. The masks are fixed on the front of the housing - the legitimate position for optimal stray light reduction.

MB 840 R2 as well as MB 805 R can be upgraded with further filterstages.

MatteBox 456 Academy is a new development. The new housing dimensions and the possibility to use 3 rotating 5x5" filter stages allow the unrestricted use of Cine and DigiCine lenses from 14 mm wide angle (35 Academy format) onward. The filterstages are designed to not rotate each time the respective rear stage is rotated.  The MB 456 Academy is equipped with a combined connector for 15mm rods and the SunShade function with a 130 mm clamp adaptor, covering most of the lenses used with the RED ONE.

Used as MatteBox, the clamp to 110mm thread adaptor (411-67), the wide choice of 110mm light prevention rings can be used. As SunShade the intermediate ring 411-60 reduces the clamping diameter for the 110mm step-down rings. The Flexi-Insertring 130 (411-68) is another special light prevention ring which fits into the 130mm clamp adaptor and flexibly covers lenses between 95 and 125mm diameter.

The 36 cm wide French Flag (402-26) is included in the standard package. Side-wings can be mounted optionally.

The RRP of € 1.600 aligns with the RED accessories. Delivery starts September 2009.

Chrosziel GmbH, 07.04.2009
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