Chrosziel expand their accessories for video shooting with DSLR cameras

<b>Chrosziel MonitorPack</b><br>-ready to shoot video with DSLR cameras
Chrosziel MonitorPack
-ready to shoot video with DSLR cameras

After the LightWeightSupport for DSLR cameras, Chrosziel present additional accessories before NAB: for use with the follow focus DV Studio Rig, they developed a gear ring that adjusts flexibly between 60 and 120 mm and can be used for photo lenses, for both focus and zoom. In the 60 mm position, the maximum pull angle is 270° and increases to 320° for a lens diameter of 120 mm. Almost any photo lens can thus be used with a focus pulling device. The so-called FlexiGearRing (patented) also applies to many video lenses with respective pull angles. The gear module is 0.8, thus corresponding to the classic film style. Use is easy: just tighten the FlexiGearRing until it fits snugly on the lens. The remaining part of the ring can be cut off below the knurled part of the tightening knob. If one leaves more teeth, the ring can be used for other lenses with similar diameter. Unlike a cable strap, the FlexiGearRing can be loosened and attached again and again.

Chrosziel FlexiGearRing
-adjustable between 60 to 120mm Diameter. For photo and video lenses.

In every day shooting, especially with the Canon EOS 5D MKII, a monitor with flexible adjustment has turned out to be just as important as a focus pulling device. Due to the positive experience with the Marshall 7” Monitor, Chrosziel has made up a ready-to-shoot MonitorPack. It contains a bright 7” Monitor with HDMI-input and battery adapter for Sony NP-Q 7.2V battery types, as well as a power supply pack. Adjustable frames, center markers and many other adjustments underline the professional character of the device. Monitor and camera are connected by a HDMI-cable of proper length. The articulated arm with central lock mechanically connects the monitor to the LightWeightSupport. The two ball joints of the arm are equipped with 1/4" threads. The packet also contains a rechargeable 4000mAh battery and the respective charger for cable-free use. Tests have shown that the battery is able to supply the monitor for at least 2.5 h. The charger also works on a 12V car outlet.

Chrosziel’s recommended retail price for the MonitorPack is € 1790,-

Chrosziel GmbH, 07.04.2009
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