80% less weight - Chrosziel rods go carbon

New <b>CarbonFibre Rods</b> from Chrosziel save 80% weight
New CarbonFibre Rods from Chrosziel save 80% weight

Chrosziel is not the first manufacturer of support systems with carbon fibre rods, they claim, however, to present now the most lightweight and most precise CF rods.  At 80% less weight, the standard pair of Chrosziel 205 mm CF-rods weighs only 18 gr. as opposed to the 110 gr. of the aluminium rods.

„It was not easy to find a supplier that was ready to manufacture carbon fibre with the same tight tolerance specifications as our aluminium rods“, they stated at Chrosziel.

Chrosziel’s new carbon fibre rods meet the requirements of circularity, diameter and smooth surface and are thus the perfect alternative for aluminium rods. All carbon fibre rods correspond to the Chrosziel standard with the inside thread, allowing the use of already existing extensions. Due to the precise manufacturing, carbon fibre and aluminium can be used together.

So far, Chrosziel offers three sets:

Basic Rods:
L=205mm, Ø=15mm, 18gr per pair, Art. no. 401-01CF,
suggested retail price € 125,-

Extension Rods:
L=100mm, Ø=15mm, 13gr per pair, Art. no. 401-83CF,
suggested retail price € 69,-

Extension Rods:
L=50mm, Ø=15mm, 10gr per pair, Art. no. 401-14CF,
suggested retail price € 46,-

Chrosziel GmbH, 07.04.2009
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