Sony starts shipping SR-R1, optional Sony accessories required for Chrosziel R1 Mount

Chrosziel 401-R115 R1 Recorder Mount
Chrosziel 401-R115 R1 Recorder Mount

There is a simple, secure and flexible way of mounting Sony's new SR-R1 Memory Recorder when your camera is not compatible with Sony's standard battery mount: the Chrosziel R1 Mount. It has been developed in close collaboration with Sony.

There are two versions of the Chrosziel R1 Mount available: Version 401-R115 fits with 15 mm support rods while version 401-R119 is made for 19 mm tubes on bridge plates or quick-lock plates.

Sony now has started shipping the SR-R1 Memory Recorder to testers.

Please note that in order to use the Chrosziel R1 Mount, you also need Sony's optional accessories SRK-R302, which include a dovetail plate and the holder parts. As of now, Sony's SRK-R302 accessories have to be ordered seperately from Sony. These accessories may become part of the standard package when Sony officially starts shipping the SR-R1 recorder. 

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