Chrosziel prefers carbon fiber, new accessories for Sony PMW-F3 and Canon EOS C300

Sony PMW-F3 fully rigged with Chrosziel accessories (411-80, 203-01, 201-22, and EU15-82)
Sony PMW-F3 fully rigged with Chrosziel accessories (411-80, 203-01, 201-22, and EU15-82)

Carbon fiber takes weight off cameramen‘s shoulders

Chrosziel has excellent news for the backs of cameramen: 19 mm carbon fiber (CF) tubes now come at the same price as their steel counterparts. A pair of CF tubes saves more than a pound of weight - 553 grams, to be exact - when compared to steel tubes. A pair of CF tubes of 500 mm in length weighs only 122 g, the corresponding steel tubes are 440 mm long and weigh 675 g.

The CF tubes are made in Germany to Chrosziel specifications. Their material is as strong and wear-resistant as steel, and it has significantly better emergency running properties: while damaged steel tubes lose their shape, CF tubes do not and thus can still be used even if a few fibers have been cut.

You can order each Chrosziel bridge plate with CF tubes instead of steel tubes by simply adding „CF“ to its product code. To give an example: 401-F235CF is the product code for the CF version of the bridge plate for Sony‘s new F65.

If you already own a Chrosziel bridge plate featuring 19 mm steel tubes, you can replace them by ordering a pair of 19 mm CF tubes using the product code 401-101-01CF2 (MSRP € 219,-).

Accessories for new Sony PMW-F3 zoom lens

Sony has introduced a new zoom lens featuring a focal length range of 18 to 252 mm for its PMW-F3 camera. To perfectly adapt the MatteBox 456 Academy to this new lens, Chrosziel offers a new adapter ring (product code 411-80, MSRP € 138,-). It uses the filter thread of the lens. Adjust the clamping to 130 mm in order to use the MatteBox as a sunshade. The matte box follows the movements of the front lens. At 18 mm focal length, the adapter is fully absorbed by the lens housing, which means there is no vignetting at all across the full range of the focal length.

Sony‘s new zoom lens is also a perfect match for Chrosziel‘s follow focus „Studio Rig Video“ (203-01 / 203-01S) and the medium-sized driving wheel 201-22 (44 gear teeth; 36,8 mm Ø). It is recommended to use the fluid zoom drive 102-11 in combination with spacer EU15-82. This set-up has two advantages: The zoom drive is free to move above the hand wheel of the follow focus. And the zoom lever can move across the full zoom range in a single tilt.

Ideal follow focus and driving wheel for Canon EOS C300 with photo lens

In-house tests at Chrosziel have revealed the ideal choice of accessories for the Canon EOS C300 with photo lenses. A combination of follow focus Studio Rig Video 203-01 (or 203-01S) and focus drive 201-22 has shown the most precise control over focussing. The short twist of the lens translates into an almost full turn on the hand-wheel.

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