A universal light-weight support and other product innovations presented at NAB show

The new universal light-weight support practically fits cameras of all sizes, from the NEX-FS100 to the PMW-F3.
The new universal light-weight support practically fits cameras of all sizes, from the NEX-FS100 to the PMW-F3.

New universal support system for camcorders

The revolution is here: Chrosziel has introduced a new generation of light-weight supports. It follows a one set fits all approach. Chrosziel has implemented this idea with two versions of a universal LWS.

The 401–440 LWS Universal can be adapted to all available 1/3“ and 1/2“ camcorders. The Sony PMW-F3, NEX-FS100, Panasonic AG-FS100 and similar cameras can be mounted as well. Included in the package are spacer bolts, screws and an Allan key. A table lists cameras and height adjustments. A small ruler to measure the distance to the tubes of the LWS makes height adjustment easy.  The platform can be moved sideways for cameras showing a lateral offset of the optical axis.  

Light-weight support 401- 444HD is even more convenient. The PMW-F3 is the largest camera it can hold, and it can be adjusted to even smaller sizes than the NEX-FS100 requires. Adjusting the 401-444HD to a camera is easy, fast and secure due to the precise guiding, the unambiguous scales on the front and at the back, and a table listing the exact height adjustments for each camera available. The HD support also features a second tube stabilizer, split 500 mm aluminum or carbon fiber tubes, and a double rod clamp with single lock. The camera and tripod are mounted using sliding T-nuts inserted into the platform and the base plate. There are two T-nuts on each, one containing a 1/4 inch and a 3/8 inch thread, the other  containing a 1/4 inch and a 3/8 inch screw.

Again, Chrosziel put emphasis on modular design. Special platforms previously made for cameras like the PMW-F3 and others can easily be used with the new HD Universal LWS.

More features for Aladin MK II transmitter

Aladin MK II, Chrosziel‘s powerful remote lens control system, is getting even more user-friendly. Now featuring a display and a joystick, the revamped new transceiver module can remote control most of the settings which previously could only be adjusted directly on the receiver. A spectrum analyzer checks the radio environment and helps to make sure that transmitter and receiver of the Aladin MK II communicate properly. A serial interface provides for easy communication between the transmitter and a computer, and a USB connection facilitates software updates.

At the NAB show, Chrosziel presented a combination of a S3D rig by Stereotec and an image processing software which automatically detects image variations between the two lenses and has them corrected triggering Chrosziel‘s Aladin MK II.

Lens adapters with lens supports give better stability

Stability is the key when mounting PL lens adapters to E-Mount or 4/3s Mount cameras. Chrosziel now introduces adapters featuring a lens support which helps to balance the heavy PL lens and the light-weight camera and thus helps to operate the follow focus safely. These specially supported adapters are now available for NEX (E-Mount) and m4/3s (Panasonic AG-FS 100). A version for PL lens adapters to F3 will soon be available.

MatteBox 456 adapter for new Sony PMW-F3 zoom lens

Sony has introduced a new zoom lens featuring a focal length range of 18 to 252 mm for its PMW-F3 camera. To perfectly adapt the MatteBox 456 Academy to this new lens, Chrosziel offers a new adapter ring (product code 411-80). It uses the filter thread of the lens. Adjust the clamping to 130 mm in order to use the MatteBox as a sunshade. The matte box follows the movements of the front lens. At 18 mm focal length, the adapter is fully absorbed by the lens housing, which means there is no vignetting at all across the full range of the focal length.

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